Despite the complaints from our parents, it seems like tattoos really will never go out of style.

Having tattoos is the norm now, with everyone from teenagers with stick-and-pokes to A-list celebrities sporting their own unique ink.

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And musicians are no different either, sometimes even getting tattoos to represent their own music.

We decided to round up 10 artists who got tattoos inspired by their own bands to give you some inspiration for your next piece—or to at least give you a fun trivia fact about these musicians.

Frank Iero


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To celebrate the one-year anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s legendary return show, Frank Iero got a tattoo that reads “California 2019” to commemorate the gig. And while the band didn’t get to embark on their massive comeback tour in 2020, it’s cool to see that the return meant as much to the band as it did to the fans.

Travis Barker


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While Travis Barker doesn’t appear to have any overt blink-182 tattoos, he does have a massive gas mask piece to represent Transplants on the back of his head. The mask was one of the band’s logos, and Barker has released music with them for about two decades.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly has a few tattoos that represent his music and his hometown Cleveland roots, with the biggest one being a large “MGK” back piece in graffiti font. He also got the words “Hotel Diablo” on the back of his head when he was releasing the studio album in 2019.

Post Malone

Post Malone is probably the rapper most synonymous with tattoos, and he has plenty on his body that represent his music career. He has “Patient” and “Stoney” inked on him to commemorate his 2016 studio album and a self-portrait of himself riding a horse.



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Halsey has several tattoos to represent her music. In fact, she typically gets a new tattoo every time she introduces a new era to her fans. She has “hopeless” on her butt and “nightmare” on her upper back to represent her albums hopeless fountain kingdom and Manic, along with a few others.


blackbear has the letters for “BEARTRAP” across his fingers to represent a record label. His body is covered with dozens of tattoos, once acquiring 23 in a single day, so he might have a few more we don’t even know about hidden somewhere.

Brendon Urie

The Panic! At The Disco frontman has a burning gospel tattoo to represent the band “reinventing” themselves and burning the Panic! gospel, he revealed during a livestream. Brendon Urie also showed off his killer Every Time I Die tattoo, which we have to shout out.

Lil Uzi Vert

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In case Lil Uzi Vert’s face wasn’t recognizable enough for you, the rapper tattooed his name across his torso so you never forget who he is.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun

While the twenty one pilots duo are known for having tattoos with a lot of meaning behind them, their tattoos that are an ode to each other are a bit simpler. Each of them has the other person’s first name tatted across their leg in a simple font after they tied in a Twitter poll, where people voted on which band member had to get some ink of the other’s name. It basically solidifies that they are the cutest bromance of all time.

Alex Gaskarth


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The All Time Low frontman, like his three other band members, has the group’s skull-and-crossbones logo tatted on his body. For Alex Gaskarth, it's right behind his ear. It’s the perfect symbol that physically labels them as members of the veteran scene band.

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