Opinions are like cellphones—everyone has one. Countless celebrities, politicians and those attributed to any level of fame frequently come under fire for sharing their controversial thoughts and feelings with the world online.

We asked members of Grayscale, Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes, PVRIS, Palaye Royale, Don Broco, Municipal Waste, the Faim, Milk Teeth, While She Sleeps, Creeper and Bowling For Soup to share some of their unpopular opinions with us.

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1. Collin Walsh, GRAYSCALE

I’m not a fan of cats. I’m allergic to them, and I dislike the culture of cats. Everybody shows me pictures of their cats and think it’s funny how stuck up they are. They want me to react, and I don’t get it. It’s not my thing. I’m not a cat fan.


I’ve never been into football and a lot of people totally back it. I love international football, but I’ve never followed a team. People are often quite surprised by that.

3. Lynn Gunn, PVRIS

I really like Justin Bieber. I know a lot of people aren’t into him. I like both him and his music. I love his production and his voice. I think he was very misunderstood as a teenager in the spotlight. I know several people who have worked for him and say he’s actually not awful. So I have faith in him.

4. Remington Leith, PALAYE ROYALE

I don’t get Cardi B. She says whatever the fuck’s on her mind, which I do appreciate. But some of the things on her mind I just don’t get.

5. Rob Damiani, DON BROCO

Lettuce. Waste of time. There’s no point to it. If there was one food that could be wiped from the Earth, it should be lettuce. There was a shortage in the U.K. last year. People were panicking, and I was like, “Great! I hope it never comes back!” I was actually behind it; I was burning lettuce farms down.

6. Tony Foresta, MUNICIPAL WASTE

Metalcore sucks. There’s a lot of bullshit. It’s unoriginal, uninspired and generic. They say the same shit about us. Metalcore is just bad, though.