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Many of our favorite musicians are sporting ink for one reason or another. Tattoos are a great method of self-expression or a way to commemorate a memorable moment or person in your life. Whatever the reason, many artists used 2017 to make additions to their already badass tattoo collections.

Check out 15 musicians who got new ink this year below!

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1. Michael Busch – Stacked Like Pancakes

Stacked Like Pancakes' love for Twenty One Pilots is no secret. After all, their band logo has a little bit of TOP inspiration behind it. Guitarist Michael Busch got some TOP-inspired ink in 2017, and we have to say we're in love with it. 

2. Jenna McDougall – Tonight Alive

Jenna has some of the most simplistically beautiful tattoos out there. 

3. Luke Holland – Heavy Eyes, Ex-The Word Alive

Luke's dedication to a six-hour knee tattoo is nothing short of impressive. The finished result proves it was well worth it!

4. Denis Stoff – Ex-Asking Alexandria

Former AA frontman Denis Stoff placed the Arabic word for "winner" on his skin this year. 


Winning. Daily. ��

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5. Anthony Ghazel – Being As An Ocean

Hundreth's Alex Blackwell inked Being As An Ocean's Anthony Ghazel during this year's Vans Warped Tour.


On @anthonyghazel. He used to play football in high school

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6. Chadwick Johnson – Hundreth

Blackwell also tattooed bandmate Chadwick Johnson. If that's not the ultimate band-bonding, we don't know what is.


Grimm on @chadwickjohnson.

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7. Ben Barlow – Neck Deep

Can we just say that Ben's chest piece is sick AF?

8. Tyler Carter – Issues

We love Tyler's crawfish tattoo, but we love the story behind it even more.