Various musicians within our scene have weighed in on Front Porch Step a.k.a. singer/songwriter Jake McElfresh playing Warped Tour in Nashville, TN today. Most notably, perhaps, is the Wonder Years' Dan “Soupy” Campbell, who was supposed to perform after Front Porch Step on the Acoustic Basement Stage, but has now canceled his set. Comments from members of Senses Fail, Beartooth, the Ghost Inside,  Stick To Your Guns and others can be read below.

This comes in light of the recent sexual allegations made against McElfresh. In April, he issued a lengthy statement, which he concluded with, “I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I am just getting back into what love most and playing music again, and I hope to see you this summer.”

In May, Warped founder Kevin Lyman confirmed his apparent removal from the tour in a tweet.


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