Last weekend, APTV’s Major got into some of the hardcore shenanigans the 9th annual Musink tattoo and music festival presented by Travis Barker had to offer with the likes of Atreyu and Barker himself.

He kicked off his time at MUSINK, discovering Atreyu’s Brandon Saller getting a tattoo of his wife’s eye on his back.

Saller talks a bit about the music world and the tattoo world’s meshing perfectly together.

“For some reason they just like mystically came together,” Saller says. “I feel like I have just been interested in tattoos since I was young. I don't know if it’s because bands I liked had tattoos or what it was, but I think it’s all art. I think it’s just different facets of art coming together.”

When Major had the opportunity to talk to Travis Barker himself about MUSINK, the drummer explained howhe got involved with the festival and what he brought to the partnership three years ago.

Barker is the man you can credit for throwing classic cars into the already rad mix of music and ink. “[Music, cars and tattoos]  are three things that I eat, sleep and breathe,” he says. “I can kind of do it with my eyes closed.”

Of course, we had to follow up with a hilarious classic car montage featuring Nick Major in all his glory.

Major made the most of his time at the festival with burger tasting, interviewing renowned tattoo artists like Nikko Hurtado, hanging out with Atreyu, interviewing in the mosh pit and getting free ice cream.

Catch Atreyu’s Travis Miguel getting a tattoo of a rhino skull for his dad and live shots of their show in this Musink 2016 recap.


Host/Editor: Nick Major

Videographer: Geoff Major