MxPx has certainly had a busy year. Earlier this year, the band released their self-titled record and then, they dropped a beer collaboration.

As if that wasn't enough to be excited about, the band has surprised us yet again with the surprise drop of their new EP.

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The band's new EP is titled Best Life, and it features four fall ready tracks.

Best Life includes two new tracks, in addition to the acoustic versions of "Let's Ride" and "Moments Like This," both of which were taken from the most recent release of their self-titled record.

Watch the video for "Best Life" below:

Best Life is set to officially drop tonight at midnight, and you can listen to it on all streaming services.

Best Life track list:

1. Best Life
2. The Band Plays As We All Go Down
3. Let’s Ride (acoustic)
4. Moments Like This (acoustic)

Other MxPx related news:

The band recently announced that they will be doing a beer collaboration with Silver City Brewing, who will be producing a beer under the same name, Best Life, which is set to be released on Oct. 12.
Per the brewery, the beer is a “left-Coast hop character and a malt bill incorporating flaked wheat."
You can pre-order the band's beer right now by going here!
The band will also be hosting a release party for the brew on Oct. 12 at the Roxy in their hometown of Bremerton, Washington. Frontman Mike Herrera will perform acoustically, and tickets are available for the show are available now.

MxPx recently performed their new album—the crowdfunded comeback effort— in full for the first time ever via Facebook Live. You can watch the archived Facebook Live video below!

The fan-backed MxPx was the band’s first full-length album since 2012’s Plans Within Plans.