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MxPx are here to quell your doubts with their uplifting new single “Worries”

In case you needed a little pick-me-up or a giant dose of adrenaline, MxPx have always been there to deliver what you need. Now, the pop-punk titans have partnered with AltPress for an exclusive premiere of their brand new single “Worries.”

The new track comes as an uplifting note in a time of uncertainty. The lockdown, for many, has caused a noted shift of perspective towards the little things that make us happy. “Worries” is the spiritual guide to show that easing your mind is not only necessary but can be a hell of a lot of fun.

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MxPx have been keeping us plenty busy since the start of the lockdown. In addition to dropping a deluxe edition of their 2018 self-titled record, singer Mike Herrera hosted a weekly live stream session dubbed Life In Quarantine. You can see more on all of that here.

Now, the long-running band are attempting to assuage your concerns. Be it about bills, the economy or any other worry, MxPx’s “Worries” has you covered.

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The music video for the new track even begins with a bit about Herrera being a shining lighthouse of hype. Bandmates Yuri Ruley and Tom Wisniewski preface the downtown romp with a casual chat about Hererra’s uncanny ability to bring efficacious positivity to even the most mundane of situations. After all, it’s the little things that often bring the most joy.

“We all have worries, but when you look closely at your life in the everyday moments, it’s the simple things that we find the most comfort in,” Herrera tells AltPress. “Now that rings true more than ever with the state of the world. Reading to your children, cooking for your better half, a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day and no dogs attack you. And when we’re alone? Solidarity with ourselves. This is a fun-loving song that needs to get outside and stretch its legs. Let her run wild and free! I hope you love our new song, ‘Worries.’”

To snag a piece of “Worries”-themed merch beginning May 14, or for all your general MxPx needs, head over to their website here. MxPx’s “Worries” is streaming everywhere at 12 a.m. EST, but you can check it out below now.

What do you think of MxPx’s new single “Worries?” Sound off in the comments below!

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