[Photo by: mxpxpx/Instagram]

Well, it seems that the future of pop punk is safe with MxPx. A lucky group of kids got an up close acoustic show from frontman Mike Herrera, and had the time of their lives.

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Herrera, who also plays bass for Goldfinger, shared the heartwarming video on MxPx's social media with the caption: "Sometimes, you just gotta remember life is supposed to be fun! Be happy! #mylifestory #donttakeyourselftooseriously #thisreallyhappened."

The upbeat song you're hearing him play is "My Life Story" from the band's 2000 record, The Ever Passing Moment. The track title's fitting, given the circumstances.

We can't get over how adorable the whole situation is—and honestly, we're sad we missed the surprise concert.

Herrera recently shared an acoustic performance of "Dead Man Walking" with Live! From The Rock Room. Check it out below:

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