Get excited, MxPx fans. It looks like the band are going to be working on new music. 

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Mike Herrera announced via Twitter the band's plans to record their 10th full-length album, and this time, they've decided to enlist the help of fans by raising funds on Kickstarter:

According to the band's Kickstarter, the record is set to be a self-released effort that has a $50,000 goal. With the raised funds, the majority of the money will go to prep and marketing. Costs will be put into hiring an engineer to record and mix the record with plans of releasing the record all around the world, not just North America. 

You can learn more about the band's Kickstarter and see exclusive merchandise offers here

This will be the first album-length release of new music for MxPx since the band's 2012 LP, Plans Within Plans

You can watch their Kickstarter video below!