It’s safe to say that 2019 was the year of My Chemical Romance. The band performed their long-awaited return after a six-year hiatus with hopes of a full comeback tour.

As the tour theories keep coming in, we’ve started to think about who we’d like to see join the legendary band on the massive run, if it actually happens.

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We’ve picked 10 bands who would be fitting to open for MCR on their massive comeback. Whether they have a connection to the band or just fit the overall vibe, we wouldn’t be mad to see any of these acts be apart of the iconic comeback dates. See who we picked to open below.

1. The 1975

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy has explained his love for the band and attended their initial reunion show in Los Angeles, so the band should just open for MCR. The 1975 are progressive and outspoken about societal problems much like MCR, so they’d be a fitting opener. Plus, Healy said the band’s upcoming album is “sort of” emo, and it’d be a great time for them to debut it. 

2. Creeper

While My Chemical Romance’s announcement was probably the biggest comeback of the decade, we can’t forget that Creeper are also having their own massive return. They just announced their second album and second single “Annabelle,” so they’d have an amazing opening set for MCR comprising both new songs and throwback tracks. It’s timely, and both of the band’s music styles complement each other, making it a great option. 

3. Waterparks

Waterparks already have an MCR connection because Mikey Way played bass for the band on tour when Geoff Wigington suffered an injury to his arm in 2016. He also played bass for their EP Cluster that dropped that year. Additionally, Mikey joined the band for two dates during 2018’s Warped Tour.

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4. Palaye Royale

It seems like everyone online wants this to happen. Palaye Royale have always talked about their desire to open for My Chemical Romance, and they look fitting for the part. Their music takes the emo genre and conveys it in a commanding way, much like MCR, so they’d honestly kill the opening set. 


YUNGBLUD already said it’d be a fucking dream” to work with Gerard Way. While a collab sounds a little far fetched right now, we’d love to see the artist open for MCR. Both acts inspire young people who feel misunderstood by the world to take solace in their music, so the crowd would likely approve of the acts coming together for a few performances. 

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6. New Years Day

Ash Costello of New Years Day is a self-proclaimed MCR fanatic. The band have previously covered “Sleep” and have revealed that their sound is inspired by the veteran emo band. They both fit the look and the sound, so definitely don’t count them out as an appropriate opener. Plus, both bands are on the lineup for Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne March 20 and March 21, so they’ll already be in the same place at the same time. 

7. The Used

These two acts have a long history with one another. MCR have opened for the Used before and collaborated with them on a cover of David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure.” They had some beef a few years back, but Bert McCracken signified that was over when he was holding out for an MCR reunion. It’d be pretty amazing to have the bands hit the road together again for the iconic shows if the Used were to open. 

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8. Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon would be a good fit because of their overall sound and the hype that surrounds them as a band. It’s clear that a bill advertising for MCR and BMTH in one night is favorable, and it’d be a dream gig for many people in the scene.

9. Doll Skin

Doll Skin have been open about loving MCR and the band inspiring their music in the past. They also covered “Helena” at Emo Nite Day in 2017. They have both the vibe and the fanbase to open for MCR, so they should definitely be considered for the potential shows. 

10. Green Day

This is more far fetched given they’ll be plenty busy with the Hella Mega tour this year, but MCR opened for Green Day in the mid-’00s, and it’d be fun to see the tables turn. Both bands have had a lasting effect on music and the overall scene, so to see them rock one stage would be a dream. 

Who would you like to see open for My Chemical Romance? Sound off in the comments below!