My Chemical Romance are not only fantastic musicians but also fantastical world-builders. With each era comes new characters, who are either directly addressed within the walls of the album or through exterior art.

From The Black Parade to Danger Days, some characters are more covert than others, but they all bring something unique to the world of MCR. So, which one are you, punk?

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My Chemical Romance have people going down their playlists jamming to all their old tunes after the announcement of their return. Along with that, fans are also remembering all the lyrics they misheard when they first listened to the tracks.

Reddit user skylines-turnstiles recently posted their own misheard lyrics from MCR’s “Our Lady Of Sorrows” and asked others what words they heard wrong from their favorite tracks.

Inspired by a thread I just read.. what was your weirdest misheard lyric? Mine is Our Lady of Sorrows… So instead of: Stand up fucking tall Don’t let them see your back, Take my fucking hand, And never be afraid again. I used to sing: Steak my fucking head, Don’t let them see your back teeth, My fucking head, And never be afraid again…. why you wouldn’t want anyone seeing your back teeth I don’t know.. the song makes much more sense now XD

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Take a look at these misheard MCR lyrics below. They are guaranteed to have you laughing so hard you cry.

“In ‘Dead!,’ my husband mishears ‘wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand" as "naked grandma pissing on a hand,’ u/mira1231 writes.

Frank Iero‘s own mispronunciation of “Trade me for an apparition” during a live performance of “Our Lady Of Sorrows” was also mentioned.

“Love these!!” u/skylines-turnstiles says. “Glad I’m not the only one... the best of course is Frank and his ‘FIGHT. ME. FOR. AN. APPLE.’”

Check out the video for that particular lyric below.