my chemical romance
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Every My Chemical Romance album ranked

Few bands from the Myspace era can proudly say they’ve survived two decades and managed to become more popular and relevant with every release like My Chemical Romance can. MCR are more than a band — it’s a movement, an aesthetic, a name that summons the importance of a whole scene and subculture of music. 

The emo titans were formed by frontman Gerard Way and the band’s first drummer Matt Pelissier in New Jersey after Way witnessed the 9/11 attacks and put aside his young career in comic books and visual arts. Along with his brother Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro (with Bob Bryar and James Dewees part of the band at different points), My Chemical Romance united rock kids of different stripes with their camp, funny high drama and desperately, painfully sad music. 

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Not only did rock-loving teenagers around at the time of their debut and following album become obsessed with MCR, but the next cohort of alt-music listeners picked up where others outgrew them and became adults. When MCR went on hiatus for nearly a decade, another next generation joined the party, worshipping the music of a group they were too young to see play live. 

Every My Chemical Romance album ranked

Here, AP took on the challenging task of ranking My Chemical Romance’s studio albums.