My Chemical Romance launched a mysterious short film and announced a U.K. show just two days ago. Previously they teased what may be a U.S. tour and have in general, been incredibly cryptic about anything they do. It's so bad, fans are scouring the internet for anything that might reveal the next clue, not even the next answer.

We might have found something now that gives a bit of detail about the puzzling video that announced the Milton-Keynes show. Thanks to the magic of social media, we know speculate there may be more to this specific teaser.

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My Chemical Romance just love to string us along. It makes sense, they've had quite a few years to develop a gameplan. From time-traveling blog posts to tiny details in outfits; and from vampires and hospital beds to even ending their first show with "we'll carry on" instead of "son long and goodnight." We've stuck through it all.

With the UK show announcement and “An Offering…” video released on Jan. 19, fans now have two minutes and twenty seconds of content to analyze and it has spawned some pretty crazy ideas.

“An Offering…” released Jan. 19 and seems to be a major tease of what is to come. It seems odd that a two minute video would be put together just to announce a show in the UK. There has to be something more. The main theory is that the song in the background is the first track from a new album. It does feel very much like “Romance” from My Chem’s first record I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. 

In the video we see the main figure’s cape features a crucifix-like symbol on the back as they move through the woods with several other cloaked figures. While not identical, the symbol looks very close to the MCRX one that launched a whole slew of reunion theories in 2016. The band soon clarified that it wasn’t a reunion (at least not yet) and just a 10-year annivesary reissue of The Black Parade.

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In the new video, the main figure sees Big Ben reflected in a body of water, foreshadowing the announcement to come. Eventually, they join three others around a pentagon to complete a spirit circle for a summoning as a chant can be heard through the clip’s end. All of the imagery further supports theories surrounding a Wicca-inspired new era.

As the screen goes to black, another show announcement appears, adding to the handful planned for 2020 (and confirming that June theory). They’ll be playing in Milton Keynes, U.K. at Stadium MK on June 20, 2020. The band hasn’t released ticketing details, but U.K. concert promoter Johnny Phillips has stated it will be live Jan. 24 at 9:30 a.m. GMT with no presale. Watch "An Offering..." below.

So, as stated, it is very weird if this wonderful production was put together just to announce one show in the UK. This is where social media jumps in.

Who we believe to be a head director or producer of the promo Kristian Mercado Figueroa posted on his Instagram story, tagging My Chemical Romance in reference to "An Offering..." saying "Part 1 finally drop!!!" Specifically saying part one usually implies that there are multiple parts to something. if this is just part one, what do the other parts entail? Do we get more of the story and more show announcements? Are the characters in the video hopping through portals into different dimensions so maybe we'll see different locations in the coming parts? Who knows? It's a mystery only we can hope to solve. Look at the picture below.

My Chemical Romance
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He also posted a series of photos from the promo on his Instagram with the following caption.

UK announcement is here! Peek the new visual.
Thanks to the team behind this and all the creatives...
No spoilers...but haha this is just a taste. 


The second big piece of news to come from social media is that another person affiliated with the video posted a picture showing some objects that we didn't see in "An Offering..." Either, the scenes showing these objects just wound up on the cutting room floor, or there's more to come. The objects feature the symbols that My Chemical Romance launched their return with. The text also states "tour announcement" and not "show announcement" which also implies more to come.

My Chemical Romance

Just like most news after a My Chemical Romance post, we’re left with more questions than answers. The only way we’ll know more is when they tell us. Until then, we’ll carry on.

Tell us your My Chemical Romance theories in the comments below!

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