My Chemical Romance are masters of the red herring and all things cryptic. The band has been teasing everything they've done for months now and the only answers we have are a few select shows they're playing around the world. Given the number of cryptic messages they've unleashed, fans are going stir crazy trying to decipher every small detail about everything.

With the UK show announcement and "An Offering..." video released on Jan. 19, fans now have two minutes and twenty seconds of content to analyze and it has spawned some pretty crazy ideas. Check out some of them below.

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"An Offering..." released last night and seems to be a major tease of what is to come. It seems odd that a two minute video would be put together just to announce a show in the UK. There has to be something more. The main theory is that the song in the background is the first track from a new album. It does feel very much like "Romance" from My Chem's first record I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. 

In the video we see the main figure’s cape features a crucifix-like symbol on the back as they move through the woods with several other cloaked figures. While not identical, the symbol looks very close to the MCRX one that launched a whole slew of reunion theories in 2016. The band soon clarified that it wasn’t a reunion (at least not yet) and just a 10-year annivesary reissue of The Black Parade.

In the new video, the main figure sees Big Ben reflected in a body of water, foreshadowing the announcement to come. Eventually, they join three others around a pentagon to complete a spirit circle for a summoning as a chant can be heard through the clip’s end. All of the imagery further supports theories surrounding a Wicca-inspired new era.

As the screen goes to black, another show announcement appears, adding to the handful planned for 2020 (and confirming that June theory). They’ll be playing in Milton Keynes, U.K. at Stadium MK on June 20, 2020. The band hasn’t released ticketing details, but U.K. concert promoter Johnny Phillips has stated it will be live Jan. 24 at 9:30 a.m. GMT with no presale.

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So, is the video solely to promote this show? Is it a random instrumental track and not a song from a potential new album? We took a deep dive on the internet to see what people think and the MCRmy, once again, proves how clever they are.

One post points out that the figure in the video has a cross on the back of his robe up until he stabs the pentagram with the dagger, at which point the next shot shows there is not a cross. They ponder if it is just inconsistency in the video or has meaning behind it. Knowing My Chemical Romance, we're certain that there is no miscalculation or mistake so there has to be meaning. Reddit u/VaxisnateYourKids alleges it could represent portals.

"My fiancee believes the ritual is to open up some sort of portal to another dimension. So when they don't have the cross, they are on the other side."

A ton of theories note that time travel and other dimensions will play a significant role in this new era. Especially after the time-traveling blog post and Merlin theories.

Other theories propose that this is the fabled Paper Kingdom album that My Chemical Romance was purported to be created before their breakup. The album was about a group of parents dealing with the losses of their children.

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While discussing the significance of the video and whether or not it is a music video or just a teaser, one Redditor notes that there is no way this is a music video.

The video is fairly simple, we've come a long way regarding making slick low budget videos. This very well could have been shot by one person, and certainly isn't a music video, it's a teaser. Music videos don't end before the song starts and end with an ominous teaser for a show, it's just not how we format things.

TLDR: this is no different than any other teaser, as a film student and promotional video producer I can reassure that this is an ad, not a product. Get excited.

So the instrumental we heard in the offering teaser is deff a new song and is deff gonna be on the new album , question is the video looks too good to be a simple announcement could it be the songs music video ? from r/MyChemicalRomance

In regards to the portals and other dimension theory, Twitter notes that Gerard Way was asking for a demonic symbols specialist for "research" back in 2015. Check out that Twitter exchange below.

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Given the attention to detail, and now that we know My Chemical Romance had been planning this reunion for years, it makes sense that Gerard Way was working on this project all the way back in 2015.

Another post on Reddit notices that the red rope around the animal skull looks a lot like the signature red tie look for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and that all of this time travel and references to past albums are all tied together.

It's probably an animal skull, but what does it mean? from r/MyChemicalRomance

Just like most news after a My Chemical Romance post, we're left with more questions than answers. The only way we'll know more is when they tell us. Until then, we'll carry on.

Tell us what you think "An Offering..." means in the comments below!

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