Some My Chemical Romance fans' dreams are truly coming true thanks to one creative fan. @mcrmusical has created an 80-page script for a musical based on The Black Parade.

The script includes costume designs, character backgrounds and even set blueprints. As well, fans can listen to the musical's playlist while reading the creative script.

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On Oct. 6, the My Chemical Romance fan took to Twitter to reveal what they've been working on. They are so inspired by the music and concept of The Black Parade that they decided to write a musical based on the album.

On Tuesday, the script for the unofficial Black Parade musical was finally released. According to the synopsis, the musical takes place after the Patient dies.

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"An envisioning of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade album as a stage musical. As
the Patient dies, in the moments just after his heart stops beating, he sees his life flash before his eyes in the form of a parade performance. Reminiscent of the classic tale A Christmas Carol, as the Patient revisits his past, he gains new resolve to change his future."

The Black Parade musical has two acts. The first opens up with a dramatic performance of "The End / Dead!" and the entire musical closes with "Blood," which is also the album's last song.

The Patient is shown in four different forms throughout the play. Fans will witness "Scrooge Patient," "Teen Patient," "War Patient" and "Post-War Patient" as he visits various times throughout his life. As well, the Patient's love interest Emily, Mother War and Priest are a few of the other characters in the Black Parade musical.

Along with the script, the MCR fan has also put together a playlist based on the musical. The songs appear in the same order as they are performed in the script. Now, fellow My Chemical Romance fans can listen along as they read the 80-page musical.

@mcrmusical was kind enough to share the entire script online for free. My Chemical Romance fans can read it here and listen to the playlist below.

What are your thoughts on the Black Parade musical? Let us know in the comments below.