It's been well over a decade since My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade. However, fans are still continuing to notice Easter eggs the band left throughout the album's songs and artwork.

Now, some fans have noticed a hidden Easter egg on MCR's Black Parade uniforms that has been looked over by many for almost 14 years.

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As most of you will remember, My Chemical Romance released a powerful video for "The Ghost Of You," off of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The video portrays the band as soldiers during WWII. Unfortunately for Mikey Way, he dies at the end of the video during a gruesome battle.

However, the story of Soldier Way doesn't end there. In fact, his narrative spans all the way to 2006's Black Parade. For some My Chemical Romance fans, they have just noticed a massive Easter egg that references Way's fate in "The Ghost Of You" on MCR's Black Parade uniforms.

For The Black Parade era, My Chemical Romance were decked out in their iconic black-and-white uniforms. However, if you look closely, you will notice that Way's uniform is slightly different from the rest of his bandmates. Subtly pinned to his chest is a medal, an object that does not appear on any other member's uniform.

The small detail is, in fact, a reference to "The Ghost Of You" video. Since Way died in the video, he earned a military medal for his service which is pinned to his Black Parade uniform.

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It's been nearly 14 years since Black Parade's release and many My Chemical Romance fans are just noticing the Easter egg.

I straight up never noticed this? from r/MyChemicalRomance

My Chemical Romance have a reputation for hiding Easter eggs in their work. Most recently, their return tour announcement video was full of nods to their previous work. The video includes references to the Killjoys, the "Teenagers" video, New Jersey and more.

"The Ghost Of You" video is available to watch below.

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