Following a cryptic photo posted on My Chemical Romance causing fan speculation of a London, UK show, fans have noticed an error on Warner Music's part with a now-deleted teaser video.

Warner posted a video with the caption "LFG" as well as some background music that was not in the original symbol-filled video released by the band. While MCR’s remains, WMA have deleted their post less than a day later.

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The video had all of the symbols from MCR's original video but included a number of other things.

On top of the LFG caption, there was instrumental background music with the video. Some fans have tried to find the source of the music but it appears to be something newly recorded.

a photoGerard Way posted

While some fans are speculating this is simply related to the location of an expected UK show announcement, others think it could be music. Whatever it is, it directly relates to London, England as the Warner video clip had that as the location.

You can see MCR’s still-posted clip below for comparison.

As of now, these are all simply theories and rumors.

What do you think the deleted My Chemical Romance promo video means? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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