By now, most My Chemical Romance fans probably have every scene from the "Helena" video memorized. From the iconic wardrobe to the choreography and the set, there's a reason why the video remains one of MCR's most popular. But did you know that the church has been used in various movies and television shows over the years?

Thanks to fans' quick eyes over the years, the "Helena" church has been spotted in both The Amazing Spider-Man and various episodes of Criminal Minds.

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For those that don't know, the "Helena" church is the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Due to its location, the church is bound to probably end up in a few different films and shows.

When 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man made its debut, many MCR fans noticed that the church used in Captain Stacy's funeral scene looked very familiar to the "Helena" video. For Marc Webb, the film's director, both the location and scene's resemblance to the MCR video may not have been just coincidence.

Prior to his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Webb has directed music videos for various artists including Green Day, Evanescence and Miley Cyrus. He also happened to direct the "Helena" music video.

So when it came time to direct The Amazing Spider-Man, Webb may have taken a few references from his past work. After Spider-Man's, played by Andrew Garfield, love interest's father Captain Stacy dies, there is a funeral held for him.

In the film, there's a particular scene that shows mourners walking down the steps after the service. The scene is shot from a top-down angle and the frame is filled with black umbrellas. This The Amazing Spider-Man scene is nearly a direct recreation of what is seen in the 2005 My Chemical Romance video.

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Although the similarities may not have been directly intentional, Webb acknowledges them in The Amazing Spider-Man commentary. He notes that both the video and movie scene were filmed in the same location. He also jokingly admits that he has a fondness for umbrellas which is clearly shown.

Along with The Amazing Spider-Man, the "Helena" church has been used in various other programs. Reddit user u/klusterhug noticed that the crime show Criminal Minds has used the location several times.

"The 'Helena' church is in another episode of Criminal Minds," they say.

the helena church is in another episode of criminal minds! (s4 ep17, around 26:45) from r/MyChemicalRomance

"The church that was used in the 'Helena' music video also appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds," they say.

the church that was used in the helena music video also appeared in an episode of criminal minds! (3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles) from r/MyChemicalRomance

Both the "Helena" video (scene starts at 2:42) and the funeral scene from The Amazing Spider-Man (scene starts at 3:48) are below.

Did you spot the "Helena" nod in The Amazing Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below!