My Chemical Romance broke the internet when their Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge makeup collab with HipDot sold out within minutes Dec. 10. 

Fans took to social media to complain about not being able to access the cosmetics company’s website when the sale began. And since then, many have continued to flood Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more with makeup looks using the MCR HipDot collection. 

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In honor of the makeup drop of our emo dreams coming to life, we decided to round up 10 of the best MCR x HipDot looks on social media. You can check them out below. 

This ultimate emo smoky eye 


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A post shared by Kay (@halloweenkween)

Instagrammer @halloweenkween proved that classic emo trends such as colorful hair extensions and black-and-red over-the-top eyeshadow will never go out of style. And using the new MCR HipDot collection to achieve this look makes it even more perfect. 

This glam recreation of Frank Iero’s Revenge-era eyes

@meredithallenxvxMCR x @hipdot  collab!!! Of course I had to recreate Frank’s revenge era x eyes ##mychemicalromance ##mcr ##revengeera ##frankiero♬ I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

TikToker @meredithallenxvx is giving Frank Iero a run for his money. This goth recreation of his Revenge-era makeup is complete with the Xs over the eyes. We might just have to recreate this look for Halloween next year, or for our next big trip to the grocery store. 

This sultry red look 


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A post shared by Lindy ♉︎ (@dodgygrl)

Even if you’re celebrating the holidays in a lowkey way this year, you can still be extra with your makeup. Try to recreate this perfectly blended red smoky eye. Add a little cat eyeliner and it’s the ideal festive and goth look. 

This avant-garde bright look


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A post shared by Lina (@linabugz)

Influencer @linabugz makes this not-so-subtle look with gray eyeshadow and bright red blush that we’re dying to recreate. She even included the sharpest red wing of all time and topped it off with bright red lashes to look like a work of art. 

This blood-red look with lashes for miles 


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A post shared by Marija Keiša (@marijadreams)

This look brings the drama in the best way possible, and it’s definitely in the running to be our go-to. The bright red shadow from the MCR HipDot palette pops with some long false lashes that demand attention. 

An everyday dark neutral look


The palette isn't only good for show-stopping looks. It's also ideal for super-wearable ones that you can rock on the regular, such as this one from YouTuber IAMLEAH. The earth tones make your eyes pop and are a lowkey way to show off your makeup skills. 

This Gerard Way cosplay that has us shook

@dreronayne@hipdot  x ##MyChemicalRomance eyeshadow palette ?⚰️✨ ##mcr ##hipdotxmcr ##hipdot ##dreronayne ##gerardway ##gerardwaycosplay♬ Wobble I Radio Version - 卩ℯƝɪꌚ?

This person got their hands on the palette and knew what they had to do—transform into Gerard Way in the most authentic way possible. The eyeshadow look alone is to die for. And it's something we're definitely going to copy if we ever get our hands on a palette. 

This ultra-goth funeral made for the Black Parade

Instagram user @amandacaliber knows that there’s no such thing as too much eyeliner, and eyeliner is always enhanced with too much red eyeshadow. It’s a total look for anyone who isn't afraid to let their scene flag fly. 

This show-stopping split colors look that screams Halloween


@sydn4stNew my chemical romance x hipdot collection is out!!! It’s official I’m obsessed ##mcr ##hipdot ##fyp♬ Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

This person did two totally different looks on each eye—one in a red colorway and one in purple—that we wish we would’ve thought of. The gemstones take it to the next level. We absolutely love the finished product.

These amazing music note swatches

Dozens of influencers have made swatch videos to show off all the colors of the palette. But none are as cool as this one, which resembles piano keys and music notes. It also demonstrates the quality of the product so you can really see how vibrant the colors are.