My Chemical Romance are continuing to achieve music milestones with Black Parade nearly 14 years after its release.

This week, another song from the iconic album surpassed the equivalent of 200,000 sales, earning a silver certification in the UK.

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The Black Parade album itself has been certified 3x platinum since its release back in 2006. Various songs from the LP have also reached individual success and certifications over the years.

"Famous Last Words" is currently at a silver certification in the UK. However, the Black Parade megahits "Welcome To The Black Parade" and "Teenagers" have both gone on to earn platinum certifications.

Now, a fourth song from Black Parade has been certified silver in the UK. The heartbreak hit "I Don't Love You" is now officially certified silver after surpassing the equivalent of 200,000 sales.

Despite the theories that the Black Parade era was cursed for various reasons, My Chemical Romance are continuing to achieve success with the 2006 album.

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Frank Iero recently opened up about MCR's early days and the obstacles they had to overcome. In an interview with Ernie Ball, he recalled how the band were treated for making different music within the scene.

“Getting in that band in those early days of shows, it was hard for us because we were so different from every other band that was playing at the time,” he said. “We weren’t really accepted or championed in that way say like a straight-up hardcore band would be.”

As well, Gerard Way discussed how the success of My Chemical Romance made him miss his work in comic books. His feelings eventually led to him working on Doom Patrol and creating The Umbrella Academy with Gabriel Ba.

MCR fans are continuing to find Black Parade Easter eggs more than a decade after the album's release. Recently, a connection between a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge song and the 2006 album emerged again on Reddit.

The "I Don't Love You" video is available to watch below which has been viewed over 67.5 million times on YouTube.

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