Since their return on Dec 20 (and the mad planetary scramble to get tickets for their return tour), enthusiasm for My Chemical Romance is at a ridiculously all-time high. Indeed, the work of Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro has filled the hearts of many.

But did you ever wonder what bands inspired them? Or did you ever wonder what bands MCR inspired? Well, you've clicked on the right link: Here's our list of a bunch of bands that have sonic ties to MCR. The synergy of underground legends, metal gods and alt-rock royalty made My Chemical Romance who they are today. There's also some bands picking up the torch when MCR went dark.

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The reason why My Chemical Romance reached godlike proportions is quite simple. They were able to distill all the things that personally moved them into something amazing. A new generation of listeners embraced it heartily, while older rock fans connected the dots.

Much was revealed when Gerard Way asked the assembled Shrine audience if that night was their first time seeing the band. The multitude of hands that shot up and the attendant screams were telling.

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We're hoping that "10 Albums To Listen To If You Love MCR" can make listeners across generations to discover (or revisit) the sides that inspired My Chemical Romance. There are obvious bona fides such as the Misfits and Alkaline Trio. There's the alt-rock nation of Smashing Pumpkins and the deepest dive into the underground courtesy of Ink And Dagger. Going back even further lies the input of UK indie darlings the Smiths and the stellar madness of Iron Maiden. Odd how fans of those last two bands diametrically loathed each other back in the day. Yet to use their signifiers in the same song, brings everyone to the yard. The power of music, friends.