Frank Iero is totally trolling the Jonas Brothers after they circulated a rumor that My Chemical Romance were reuniting. 

To backtrack, the Jonas Brothers appeared on the KISS FM Breakfast Show June 7 to discuss their new album. During the interview, Joe Jonas dished some dirt that definitely toyed with our emotions.

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Joe claims that while they were rehearsing in New York, MCR were apparently there rehearsing right next to them.

“I’ve got some dirt. My Chemical Romance apparently were rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which I thought they broke up, so I don’t know.”

You can see the video below. 

After the claim, Iero totally squashed the rumor in an interview with the Asbury Park Press ahead of Atlantic City Warped Tour.  

While Iero denied that anything was currently in the works, he left the door cracked for a victory lap someday.

“I survived a bus accident, so anything is possible,” Iero said.

Now, Iero seems to be poking fun at the situation even more in a new Instagram video. 

Iero appears to be mocking Joe, wearing black tape over his eyebrows. In the video he says the following: 

“I got a little dirt for you. A little scoopy poop. Apparently, the Ramones are playing down the hall from us in Moscow. Thought those guys were supposed to be dead or something. Don’t know what that’s about,” Iero said. We’re dying. 

You can see the video for yourself below. 
It looks like that long-awaited MCR reunion isn’t happening anytime soon, but at least Iero is giving us a laugh to forget our sorrows for a bit. 

What do you think of Frank Iero spoofing the Jonas Brothers? Sound off in the comments down below!

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