My Chemical Romance have finally unveiled details for their much-teased U.K. show. After diverting our attention with a time-traveling blog post and a Danger Days-inspired U.S. dates theory, they’ve made good on that U.K. gig.

The band took to YouTube Sunday night to share a video titled “An Offering...” on their channel before adding the same to social media with the hashtag #MCRMK.

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If the skull-faced figure looks familiar, that’s because we’ve seen it before. On Jan. 3, the band’s account posted a mysterious image of a caped person. The figure is wearing the same skull mask with a dagger in their belt. With it was a U.K. flag emoji, leading fans to theorize a U.K. show would soon be announced.

On Jan. 9, the band posted again, flipping their imagery this time around. The skull is now being used as the caption while a U.K. flag hides among an array of symbols. A nearly identical version with music added was deleted from Warner Music’s account, but that didn’t stop fans from tracking down the tune.

Now, the band have revived that skeleton-faced figure who still holds the dagger present in the first image. Backed by a mysterious new instrumental, the figure moves through a wooded area that looks much like one frontman Gerard Way also posted Jan. 3 with no context.

The main figure’s cape features a crucifix-like symbol on the back as they move through the woods with several other cloaked figures. While not identical, the symbol looks very close to the MCRX one that launched a whole slew of reunion theories in 2016. The band soon clarified that it wasn’t a reunion (at least not yet) and just a 10-year annivesary reissue of The Black Parade.

In the new video, the main figure sees Big Ben reflected in a body of water, foreshadowing the announcement to come. Eventually they join three others around a pentagram to complete a spirit circle for a summoning as a chant can be heard through the clip’s end. All of the imagery further supports theories surrounding a Wicca-inspired new era.

As the screen goes to black, another show announcement appears, adding to the handful planned for 2020 (and confirming that June theory). They’ll be playing in Milton Keynes, U.K. at Stadium MK on June 20, 2020. The band hasn’t released ticketing details, but U.K. concert promoter Johnny Phillips has stated it will be live Jan. 24 at 9:30 a.m. GMT with no presale.

Watch the full clip below.

More on My Chemical Romance

Recently, Gerard Way wrote a blog post for My Chemical Romance’s website discussing his feelings about Japan, which is the next date for them to play. The peculiar thing, however, is that the post is front dated or future-dated. This means it’s dated for a time that hasn’t occurred yet and fans are itching to know why.

In the post, Way talks about his love for Japan and touches on the fact that he always learns something while there.

Gearing up to head to Japan – it has always been a magical place for me. Every time I am there, I learn something about the culture, and something about myself. I come back home feeling fresh, with a new perspective. The crowds are as spectacular as the beauty of the country.


As you can see, the time posted was Jan. 17, 2020 at 5 p.m. At the time, nowhere in the world was hitting 5 p.m. So why is it dated as such? Some think it means new My Chemical Romance material. Others are just plain stumped. Check out some reactions here.

Along with tonight’s U.K. show reveal, the band will also head to Australia, New Zealand and Japan in 2020. Check out the full list of dates below with tickets here.


03/20/20 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Showgrounds (Download Melbourne)
03/21/20 – Sydney, AU @ Parramatta Park (Download Sydney)
03/25/20 – Western Springs, NZ @ The Outer Fields at Western Springs
03/28/20 – Osaka, JP @ INTEX Osaka
03/29/20 – Download Japan @ Makuhari Messe Event Hall
06/20/20 – Milton Keynes, UK @ Stadium MK

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