Although My Chemical Romance have been broken up for over six years now, fans can't seem to keep them from creeping into their minds. This is especially true if you're subscribed to the MCR subreddit, which never lets an easter egg sneak by including Jeep commercials.

This time, the ambitious fanbase has uncovered a possible new chapter in the Killjoy's saga. Well, not really, but they did recognize a familiar diner space in a recent Jeep Wrangler commercial.

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Featuring Avengers: Endgame actor Jeremy Renner, the commercial portrays the actor on tour for his new music project. Aside from featuring former The Word Alive drummer Luke Holland in the featured track, the diner is a familiar spot for MCR fans.

While walking out of a familiar and notably less run-down watering hole, he trades his tour bus for a Jeep prior to departing.

For those who don't recognize the diner, it's the same set used in MCR's 2010 music video for "Na Na Na."

u/borknight not only recognized Hawkeye's actor in the ad, but also realized the similarities to the boarded-up Killjoys hideout in the video.

This dinner in a jeep commercial with hawk eye looks familiar dont you think? from r/MyChemicalRomance

The venue was discovered to be the Four Aces Movie Ranch in California. The diner has been home to many other music videos and films, such as the Lady Gaga and Beyoncé video for "Telephone."

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While only featured in glances, the Four Aces is clearly recognizable as the Killjoy's hideout. While watching films in desert settings, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for familiar restaurants.

Although placed in the middle of the desert, fans have frequented the set before to celebrate the brief snapshot of MCR history.

Found the Killjoy’s Hideout from Danger Days while poking around in the California desert! from r/MyChemicalRomance

Did you recognize the "Na Na Na" diner in Jeep's new commercial? Sound off in the comments below!

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