My Chemical Romance are obviously more than a band. They impact lives in a way that has changed the very fabric of people's emotions. Many humans have tattoos supporting the legendary act. Love makes us do crazy things.

In anticipation of the My Chemical Romance reunion, fans have been waiting outside the venue since Tuesday, Dec. 17.

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These are the most loyal human beings of all time and we hope they have the night of their lives. The only thing we've been this committed to is the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, so clearly, our priorities are not that great.

As you can see, there is a marching band in one photo which is exactly the type of hype we needed for this event. The band is from the University of Southern California and warmed up the fans with quite a song.

The Shrine took to Instagram earlier today to give us just that extra bit of nostalgia we needed to get even more excited about the show. The USC's marching band played "Welcome To The Black Parade". Watch it below.

So, if you didn't already have goosebumps, you do now.  Stay tuned for more My Chemical Romance news.

More My Chemical Romance

Rumors of a My Chemical Romance reunion have run rampant since the emo staples disbanded in 2013. Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman even revealed he attempted to get the band back together for the tour’s 25th anniversary shows to no avail.

However, one rumor took major traction thanks to Joe Jonas. Yes, the Jonas Brothers member claimed to have heard the band rehearsing.

The brothers appeared on the KISS FM Breakfast Show June 7 to discuss their new album, but during the interview, Joe dished some dirt that is definitely toyed with everyone’s emotions. Joe claims that while they were rehearsing in New York, MCR were apparently there rehearsing right next to them.

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“I’ve got some dirt,” Joe begins. “My Chemical Romance apparently were rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which I thought they broke up, so I don’t know.”

With Joe Jonas and Mark Hoppus getting our hopes up, Frank Iero finally addressed the rumor nearly a month later. Iero squashed the speculation in an interview with the Asbury Park Press ahead of the Atlantic City Warped Tour. 

When asked about My Chemical Romance, Iero denied Joe’s report of the shared practice space. While Iero shrugged off that anything was currently in the works, he left the door cracked for a victory lap someday. “I survived a bus accident, so anything is possible,” Iero said.

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Then, finally, they said it would never happen, and then it did on Halloween. Activity began on a new Instagram account for My Chemical Romance with posts surfacing shortly after fans began speculating Iero’s Oct. 30 Instagram post was about more than the weather.

“it’s reported that it’s going to rain in new jersey tomorrow, washing out all Halloween festivities…” Iero posted. “Guess we’re gonna have to find something else to do.”

At 2 p.m. ET on Oct. 31, the band’s Facebook page changed their profile picture to a black candle, beginning an hour filled with teases and speculation. Read the rest of the return details from Halloween here.

Following tonight’s big return, the band will head to Australia, New Zealand and Japan in 2020. Check out the full list of dates below, with tickets here.


03/20/20 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Showgrounds (Download Melbourne)
03/21/20 – Sydney, AU @ Parramatta Park (Download Sydney)
03/25/20 – Western Springs, NZ @ The Outer Fields at Western Springs
03/28/20 – Osaka, JP @ INTEX Osaka
03/29/20 – Download Festival, JPapan @ Makuhari Messe Event Hall

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