My Chemical Romance shook the world with their return announcement. Unfortunately for nearly everyone, the U.S show at The Shrine in Los Angeles sold out nearly instantly. This allows only 6,300 people access to witness the comeback of all comebacks.

Well, a new event on Facebook called "Storm My Chemical Romance Reunion, They Can't Stop All Of Us" seeks to change that. We're not joking, but we hope they are.

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My Chemical Romance coming back and playing a show with Thursday, in addition to other international shows is old news. Its been so talked about to this point, that we're discussing a picture they posted ad nauseam. And we love it. Some people, might be a little too overzealous, however.

As most of you remember, this is very similar (almost exactly) to the Storm Area 51  event that made international news this year. While that particular event didn't pan out as expected due to the military warnings and overall danger and absurdity of the situation, this one seems plausible.

The page information isn't joking around, but it also slips in some great My Chemical Romance puns.

Many of us have been waiting for years...finally My Chemical Romance is back together....we waited online for the start of the tickets sales..... and none of us got tickets!?!?! Honey, This venue isn't big enough for all of us?!?!

Screw AXS, Ticket Bots, and the smallest venue in LA!
Black your eyes, throw on your hoodie with the thumb holes, and come out to form a black parade to storm the show!

Meet across the street at McCarthy Quad Park (right across from the Shrine Auditorium Gates.
Killjoys, Lets make some noise!

As you can see, this event isn't playing around. Created today, the event already shows 567 going and 1.2k interested. With the show being next month, it's going to have to gain traction pretty quickly for anything substantial to happen.

To check out the page, head here.

To be clear, we do not really condone this should this event be real. A ridiculous event to storm a military base plays as a comedy to most. The plausibility of this, however, makes it a very real situation that could lead to injury or criminal charges.

We all want to see My Chemical Romance. Just be reasonable and responsible and don't do anything fucking stupid.

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