My Chemical Romance day is in full swing. As the hour of their performance grows closer, fans in line have kept an eagle eye on everything going on around them. From the arrival of the merch truck last night to figuring out what type of merchandise is being sold, nothing gets by the MCRmy.

As the new merchandise was being loaded out, several attendees were able to get a glimpse at some of the boxes and their labels.

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Items include jackets, hoodies, posters, flags and more.

There are even sets of pins with the symbols they used to
announce their returnfan theories

According to Reddit user MrGingyBread and his wife, the symbols are taken from tarot cards, but they might actually mean new music is on the way.

Read their explanations for each symbol below.

"Reversed Ace of Swords meaning:

The Ace of Swords reversed indicates that a new idea or breakthrough is emerging from within you, but you are not willing to share it with others just yet. You may still be exploring what this idea means for you and how to best express and manifest it in the external world. You may also seek greater clarity about whether this is an idea you wish to pursue more fully, perhaps because you are unsure if it will bring the results you truly desire. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, it’s important to give yourself time and space to meditate and clear your mind so you can ‘birth’ this idea in the most effective way."

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"Reversed Moon meaning:

The Moon reversed indicates that you have been dealing with illusion, fears and anxiety, and now the negative influences of these energies are subsiding. You are working through your fears and anxieties, understanding the impact they have on your life and how you can free yourself from such limiting beliefs. This is a truly liberating and transformational experience.

You may try to bury these feelings even deeper within your subconscious so you can avoid your dark shadows. You may not be ready to face your emotions, pushing them to the side and pretending as if nothing is wrong."

"Upright Tower meaning:

When the Tower card appears in a Tarot reading, expect the unexpected – massive change, upheaval, destruction and chaos. It may be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or any event that shakes you to your core, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically. There’s no escaping it. Change is here to tear things up, create chaos and destroy everything in its path (but trust me, it’s for your Highest Good).

Just when you think you’re safe and comfortable, a Tower moment hits and throws you for a loop. A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself, and now the truth comes to light."

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Upright Ace of Wands Meaning:

"Wands symbolize creativity, and the Ace of Wands is the boldest among the cards in the suit. It is not the kind of creativity that you learn from school or as a hobby. It is bravely finding your own voice, it creates a place where you can develop your own vision. In other words, it is associated with willpower, and creativity in the cosmic sense.

When you draw the Ace of Wands, it is an indicator that you should just go for it. Take the chance and pursue an idea that you have in mind. Take the first steps to start the creative project. The Ace of Wands calls out to you to follow your instincts. If you think that the project that you've been dreaming of is a good idea, and then just go ahead and do it."

UPDATE: DEC. 20, 2019, 10:45 P.M. ET

Following the merch going on sale, Instagram user mythweaver_ took to their account to share the new jacket they purchased, theorizing each patch is referring to an album including an unconfirmed possibility of a fifth one.

The first patch is a gun shooting out a flower, referencing I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. The patch next to that one is Pepe from The Black Parade.

The Danger Days logo is on the other sleeve next to a coffin-inspired image. Suggesting the patches are in chronological order, the user states this must mean it’s for a new album.

Users in the comments allege it’s actually for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge given the coffin imagery could reference the “Helena” music video.

However, @mythweaver_ uploaded a second video shortly after showing that the same logo is present on the new merch trailer. Pasted on the rear, it’s the only album-inspired logo present from what can be seen.

Check out a clearer image of the full jacket and merch trailer below.

What do you think of the new My Chemical Romance Reunion merchandise? Let us know in the comments below!

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