My Chemical Romance keeps teasing us. Just yesterday, the band continued their run of cryptic messages with an American Flag and Danger Days-themed post, sparking speculation about a U.S. tour. Earlier, another teaser caused a buzz for a UK show, and everything in between has just confused us.

Most recently, frontman Gerard Way wrote a blog post for My Chemical Romance's website discussing his feelings about Japan, which is the next date for them to play. The peculiar thing, however, is that the post is front dated or future-dated. This means it's dated for a time that hasn't occurred yet and fans are itching to know why.

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In the post, Way talks about his love for Japan and touches on the fact that he always learns something while there.

Gearing up to head to Japan – it has always been a magical place for me. Every time I am there, I learn something about the culture, and something about myself. I come back home feeling fresh, with a new perspective. The crowds are as spectacular as the beauty of the country.



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Reddit has more than a few interesting theories. They point out that the word "magical" pops up in the post. Magick is a very common theme with many elements of this My Chemical Romance return. In regards to the post that is dated for the future, u/fluffyllamafeet speculates the album may be about time travel.

This makes a whole lot of sense given the past album-themed teasers we've been receiving and Merlin (the main theory of new My Chemical Romance content) was a time traveler.

As of writing this, it is now 11:37 p.m. in Japan, meaning 5 p.m. already happened there and nothing occurred. Either, fans are diving too deeply into anything, or we can expect something at 5 p.m. in a different timezone, perhaps the East or West coasts of the United States.

More My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance are continuing their cryptic return with another flag-centric teaser alluding to a past album cycle. Fans have prepared themselves for a potential U.K. show announcement set for June and now it appears to be the United States’ turn.

Following a The Black Parade and vampiric I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love hybrid post earlier this week, they’ve unleashed a very Danger Days-like clip. Featuring a scene that looks like it was pulled straight from the “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” music video, the band have added to the speculation of more U.S. shows with an American Flag emoji caption.

When first announcing their only U.S. reunion show in Los Angeles for December, several sources confirmed with AltPress that a tour will reportedly happen in the U.S. Rumors later followed that the band would be playing Coachella, but they weren’t announced with the festival lineup.

Now, the band is fueling the hope of more U.S. shows with the Danger Days teaser and American flag caption. With the desert setting looking straight from the “Na Na Na” video, you can also see it’s the same car from it and the “Sing” video. The car in question features “VAYA” (Spanish for “go”) down the right side and an American flag on the front left, the latter of which fits perfectly with the caption.

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The clip also ends with a two new symbols that haven’t been included in their imagery just yet. While some speculate the to “D”-like symbols might just mean Danger Days (which turns 10 this November) it’s unclear as the band—in typically beloved cryptic fashion—haven’t given any additional context.

The teaser fuels the “California 2019” theory suggesting this is when the band plotted to return all along. It first appeared with the Danger Days era with teasers and on a map in the “Na Na Na” video. When the band finally did announce their reunion show, they all simply captioned it “California 2019.”

Shortly before the return, the band revealed they first got together two years ago for a “jam session” before the big reveal. Soon after, Frank Iero also teased fans with a reel of him avoiding the repeated reunion question over the years.

“If you were to pay close attention, I say, ‘That rumor is like a broken clock…’ Some might think that I meant to say broken record, but I did not. Because even a broken clock is right twice a day. ?,” he tweeted.

Further adding to the “California 2019” theory, the guitarist followed up the video by answering a fan’s theory query by saying, “I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t know what any of these are… but you have been wearing a t-shirt that said ‘California 2019’ on it for 8 years.”

Tell us your best My Chemical Romance theories in the comments below!

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