If you were a fan of the Hawthorne Heights and Post Malone "I Fall Apart In Ohio" mashup, then get ready for one better. YouTuber Call it Clarity just gave us a Posty and My Chemical Romance mashup to end all others.

The newest song takes Post Malone's "Circles" and brilliantly combines it with My Chemical Romance's "I Don't Love You." Unfortunately, this one doesn't have a clever name, but it does provide a bit of humorous escape in these desperate times.

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Mashups and covers are always fun. Pretending to live in another universe where blink-182 wrote a the Killers' "Mr. Brightside" or Slipknot and NSYNC somehow synced up is a blast.

Now we have the newest content for our ears to enjoy with "I Don't Love You/Circles."

The new mashup, for the most part, superimposes Post Malone's vocals over My Chemical Romance's "I Don't Love You" instrumentals, with a few Gerard Way vocal surprises tucked in there. Check it out below.

This isn’t the first time Post Malone has been associated with the guys in MCR.

The rapper actually played the emo anthem “Welcome to the Black Parade” at Emo Nite in June of 2017. Check out the video of him rocking out to the MCR bop below.

More mashups

Post-hardcore icons A Day To Remember and rap superstar Post Malone don’t usually come up in the same sentence. They especially don’t pop up in the same song. We think it’s safe to say that a collaboration between the two would be pretty rare. Enter the wonders of the internet.

One dedicated fan decided to contribute something we all loved. The audio mixologist created a mashup between “If It Mean’s A Lot To You” by A Day To Remember and “Better Now” by Post Malone. Check it out below.

From combining Post Malone and Hawthorne Heights to mashing together Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy, mashups have been defying genres to create tracks we never knew we needed.

YouTuber Call It Clarity has made a few mashups before, mainly of two scene bands such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. But they also love combining Posty with emo bands such as Hawthorne Heights.

Both songs were incredible before, but now, “If It Means I’m Better Now” is the perfect song for fans of every genre to cry to. Check it out below.

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