The long-awaited My Chemical Romance reunion show is finally almost here, which means it’s really time to start preparing. 

As every MCR fan knows, this has been a longtime coming. Throughout the six years since their initial breakup, we’ve dealt with a roller coaster of emotions that have led us to one of the biggest comebacks in music history.

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While everyone processes their emotions differently, My Chemical Romance fans seem to be pretty in tune with each other, so it’s not unlikely that many of us are dealing with the same feelings right now. We’ve broken down the 10 stages of prepping for the MCR return that are painfully true to us, and you can check that out below.

1. Grieving over their initial breakup

Every scene kid remembers what they were doing March 22, 2013 when they learned of MCR’s breakup. It felt like someone had died, and getting over it was like grieving for a lost person. It took a while for us to finally come to a place of acceptance, because at first it was just a lot of tears. 

2. Dealing with that 2016 fake-out and grieving all over again

By 2016, many of us had accepted that My Chemical Romance might never come back, but we didn’t lose hope that it could happen. Then, the band sent us into a frenzy that summer by teasing a potential reunion. It seemed too good to be true, and apparently it was just a 10-year anniversary rerelease of The Black Parade without a tour or reunion planned. It truly felt like our hearts broke all over again, and little did we know we’d have to hold on to the pain for another three years. 

3. Finally becoming comfortable that it will never happen

By the beginning of 2019, most of us had come to terms with the idea that MCR were never going to come back. It seemed too good to be true, even though the MCR reunion jokes never really stopped. At this time, that’s all they seemed to be—jokes, so we weren’t getting our hopes up. We came to accept it, even though the idea of the band never playing together again did leave a bad taste in our mouths. 

4. Going through the emotional roller coaster started by a Jonas Brothers rumor 

Remember that feeling of acceptance? Well, Joe Jonas totally ruined that. Over the summer, the Jonas Brothers may have leaked the MCR reunion way before it was announced. At the time, Joe claimed that while his band were rehearsing, MCR were practicing next to them. This entire story came out of left field and made us question whether the Jonas Brothers could be trusted with such serious matters. We were confused, but we honestly didn’t think it was legit enough to lead to a reunion announcement a few months later. 

5. Losing our minds when they actually announced their return

Then, it happened. We were already in a good mood because it was Halloween when the news broke that it was actually happening. All of the teasers left us feeling anxious but excited because it was the first time that a reunion announcement actually seemed promising. The band announced the show and shed some light into the darkness. 

6. Screaming for days straight in disbelief

What followed the announcement was pure celebration. We couldn’t stop talking about it, and whenever someone tried to talk to us about anything different, we’d pivot back to MCR. We’d find ourselves forgetting that this was reality now and then getting excited all over again when we remembered.

7. Losing ours minds while trying to secure tickets to the comeback show

Even though it was bliss, it was time to focus. It was obvious that tickets to the comeback show were going to be impossible to get, which was proven when they sold out almost instantly. This was a mess as we cried when the website was moving slow and shouted in excitement when we finally got our hands on tickets. At the end of the day, we were left feeling like we just needed a nap. 

8. Listening to every MCR record ever to prepare 

Even though we have MCR’s discography memorized by heart, we want to be prepared for whatever the band will put on their setlist. Anything can happen at the reunion, so it’s important to get a refresher on the lyrics to any deep cut they will throw at us. Plus, all we can think about is going to the show anyway, so it’s not like we really want to listen to anything else. 

9. Figuring out the details—what we’re wearing, what we’re doing the day of the show, etc. 

What are we supposed to wear to one of the biggest concerts that the scene has ever known? Also, we’re starting to figure out just how early we need to be at the gig to get a good spot and those other important details. Basically, we’re just doing anything to keep ourselves busy so we don’t go crazy by thinking about the show, which means taking planning to the next level. 

10. Obsessively counting down the days and reminding everyone that you’re going until the day is here

Like we said, we’re starting to go crazy. Dec. 20 is merely days away, so it’s hard to not remind everyone that your Friday plans are 10 times better than theirs, and for good reason. Having multiple countdown timers going on for the big day is definitely normal at this point. 

How excited are you for the My Chemical Romance reunion? Sound off in the comments below!