My Chemical Romance angel statue location decodes more return imagery

My Chemical Romance fans are a savvy bunch. From a phenomenal video project to deciphering symbolism from clothing, there isn’t a lot the MCRrmy can’t do. Now, one My Chemical Romance fan pieced together the puzzle of the backdrop that was displayed during the reunion show.

The statue is known as the Angel of the Waters. It sits atop the Bethesda Fountain in New York City. The statue is also an incredibly important LGBTQ site. Get more details below.

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Lesbian sculptor Emma Stebbins created The Angel of the Waters statue in 1873. Incredibly, it is the earliest public artwork by a woman in New York City.  Stebbins designed the statue to celebrate the new Croton Aqueduct. This new aqueduct not only fed the fountain, but also supplied fresh water to the city.

The statue is also featured in a prominent scene in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, in addition to being created by a masterful lesbian sculptor. Angels in America has won numerous awards including Tony’s and a Pulitzer Prize for its complex and symbolic depiction of AIDS and homosexuality in America in the 1980s.

Check out the original tweet by the My Chemical Romance fan who tracked down this statue.

This is such a super cool, small detail that could potentially mean a lot to a vast number of people. We hope more My Chemical Romance fans get on the case to uncover every secret they’re up to, now that this has been uncovered. The Angel of the Waters is in the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. It overlooks The Lake in NYC’s Central Park.

More My Chemical Romance

When My Chemical Romance played their reunion show at the Shrine in Los Angeles, CA on Dec. 20, many, many fans were not lucky enough to attend. Through the wonders of social media, fans not attending could hop through a few different live streams to see the career-spanning set. This allowed at least a sense of what was happening at the legendary return.

Now, a very dedicated member of the MCArmy compiled all the high-quality footage that everyone posted throughout the show. They edited them all together and made a one hour and forty-minute video of the entire gig. It is incredible. Check it out below.

YouTuber Jayzeus Hayes spent a lot of time and effort to give My Chemical Romance fans a chance to witness history. Hayes asked for support for the project by asking fans to send in all the footage they took while at the show. Hayes also took YouTube videos and credited all those who took them to make the 100 minutes masterpiece. Watch it below and get ready to feel like you are there.

Also, you can see the Angel of the Waters statue in the video.


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