My Chemical Romance are continuing their cryptic return with another flag-centric teaser alluding to a past album cycle. Fans have prepared themselves for a potential U.K. show announcement set for June and now it appears to be the United States’ turn.

Following a The Black Parade and vampiric I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love hybrid post earlier this week, they’ve unleashed a very Danger Days-like clip. Featuring a scene that looks like it was pulled straight from the “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” music video, the band have added to the speculation of more U.S. shows with an American Flag emoji caption.

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When first announcing their only U.S. reunion show in Los Angeles for December, several sources confirmed with AltPress that a tour will reportedly happen in the U.S. Rumors later followed that the band would be playing Coachella, but they weren’t announced with the festival lineup.

Now, the band is fueling the hope of more U.S. shows with the Danger Days teaser and American flag caption. With the desert setting looking straight from the “Na Na Na” video, you can also see it’s the same car from it and the “Sing” video. The car in question features “VAYA” (Spanish for “go”) down the right side and an American flag on the front left, the latter of which fits perfectly with the caption.

Check out a screenshot from the “Na Na Na” video below. In it, you can see the graffiti-covered right side reading Vaya is the same in the new teaser.

mcr na na na

[Photo via YouTube][/caption]The clip also ends with a two new symbols that haven’t been included in their imagery just yet. While some speculate the to “D”-like symbols might just mean Danger Days (which turns 10 this November) it’s unclear as the band—in typically beloved cryptic fashion—haven’t given any additional context.

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danger days teaser
more Wiccan-related symbols

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The teaser fuels the “California 2019” theory suggesting this is when the band plotted to return all along. It first appeared with the Danger Days era with teasers and on a map in the “Na Na Na” video. When the band finally did announce their reunion show, they all simply captioned it “California 2019.”

Shortly before the return, the band revealed they first got together two years ago for a “jam session” before the big reveal. Soon after, Frank Iero also teased fans with a reel of him avoiding the repeated reunion question over the years.

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“If you were to pay close attention, I say, ‘That rumor is like a broken clock...’ Some might think that I meant to say broken record, but I did not. Because even a broken clock is right twice a day. ?,” he tweeted.

Further adding to the “California 2019” theory, the guitarist followed up the video by answering a fan’s theory query by saying, “I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t know what any of these are... but you have been wearing a t-shirt that said ‘California 2019’ on it for 8 years.”

In true MCRmy fashion, fans immediately started theorizing what all of this could mean. Check out some of the best reactions below.

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More on My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance have been keeping fans on the edge of their seats since they announced their return on Halloween. With the record-breaking reunion show in December having come and gone, the world is eager for more tour dates and anything confirming new music.

On Jan. 3, the band’s account posted an mysterious image of a caped person. The figure is wearing a skull mask with a dagger in their belt. With it was a U.K. flag emoji, leading fans to theorize a U.K. show would soon be announced.

On Jan. 9, the band has posted again, flipping their imagery this time around. The skull is now being used as the caption while a U.K. flag hides among an array of symbols. The 12-second clip quickly cycles through the symbols. It presents a pattern of the same few at first before rotating them throughout.

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Some of the symbols will look familiar to those who have been following the band’s subtle hints since their return. While not present in this teaser, MCR’s return was marked by four symbols composed within a new logo: Clarity, Courage, Sacrifice and Devotion.

Along with the “Cella Magnani” statue present in the return poster, Merlin and more, fans have dug deep to compose theories of how this could mean new music. Things got even more involved when the band added symbols to the mix at their reunion show as they covered a merch trailer parked outside of the Shrine.

A Reddit user decoded the new merch trailer symbols, suggesting they’re taken from tarot cards. The user explains in-depth that they believe Reversed Ace of Swords, Reversed Moon, Upright Tower and Upright Ace of Wands are what’s being represented, and you can see their meaning here.

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As you can see, four of the symbols from the merch trailer are now in the below teaser the band has shared.

An identical teaser was posted (and almost immediately deleted a day later) with music added. Today, one Reddit user uncovered a similar sounding tune.

In addition to the symbols from the merch trailer, there are several symbols that appear to be from some sort of alphabet. Many believe its Theban alphabet, which is used by practicing Wiccans. Those who have decoded it believe it’s pointing to an announcement for June.

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With MCR already being announced for Download Melbourne, Download Sydney and Download Japan, some are theorizing this means it could have something to do with Download U.K. The latter festival will be headlined by Kiss, Iron Maiden and System Of A Down June 12-14.

Frontman Gerard Way continued to spark theories of magic, angels and witchcraft being a theme with his return outfit in December. With this in mind, using the Theban alphabet in this latest teaser makes sense.

The shirt Way wore to perform, as well as a jacket and undershirt later, features a sigil. Exactly the significance of that sigil is still up for debate but fans have continued to theorize.

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While fans prepared themselves for a potential U.K. show announcement set for June, another image started a whole other conversation about possible new music. On Jan. 14, the band took to their social media to share a black-and-white image of what appears to be a hospital room. With it, is a simple and nondescript vampire emoji.

With a sheet pulled across what looks like a hospital bed, it appears that there is a figure being covered as its nose protrudes from the center.

Fans immediately drew comparisons to The Black Parade mythology and specifically The Patient in the “Welcome To The Black Parade” video. Some thought it could be alluding to some sort of sequel to the album for a new record. The track marked the final one the band played at their reunion show in December, so take that as you will.


With the vampire emoji, fans also pointed to their debut I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Other fans pointed out other imagery within the post also alludes to the album.

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Some fans have theorized the image is combining all of the eras into one.

Others are hoping this means a new album is near, drawing back to the angel theory for a potential new era.

Others have drawn a connection to the skull-faced figure the band shared at the beginning of the month. “What's the connection?” Reddit u/3raz3t posted. “Could it be someone this grim reaper killed? What's with the vampire emoji?”

Clarity on all of this imagery still need to be confirmed, but band will kick off confirmed dates in March. They’re hitting Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and you can grab tickets here.


03/20/20 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Showgrounds (Download Melbourne)
03/21/20 – Sydney, AU @ Parramatta Park (Download Sydney)
03/25/20 – Western Springs, NZ @ The Outer Fields at Western Springs
03/28/20 – Osaka, JP @ INTEX Osaka
03/29/20 – Download Festival, JP @ Makuhari Messe Event Hall

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