Hailing from Leesburg, Virginia, indie-rock quintet My Kid Brother deliver a soulful, riffy and keys-riddled performance in their new track, “Daydream.” The band are premiering their dystopian-themed music video exclusively with AltPress. 

The band signed to Fearless Records in 2019 and have already seen success with their recent singles “Native Tongue” and “Pastels.” AltPress had the chance to deep dive behind the scenes with vocalist/guitarist Christian Neonakis on his band’s flowy tune and their retro music video. Check out the full interview and colorful music video below. 

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What are you most looking forward to now that you’re officially on a major label?

I think collectively we are looking forward to making new friends. We have already fallen in love with the Fearless staff, and we look forward to growing with them not only in our friendships, but also in our musical careers.

Your music video for “Daydream” featured stunning and eclectic vintage visuals. Where did you draw inspiration for the narrative, and what was the most fun part of shooting the video?

The original idea came from the dystopian feel of the lyrics in the song. I think we wanted a hyperbolic visualization of how it felt growing up with strong societal norms being forced on us at a young age.

Tell us the story behind the song. What life experiences, if any, helped shape the lyrics of “Daydream”?

I think everyone in the band tends to lean heavily on nonconformity. The idea of the song was to capture that idea and let the listener know that everyone, in some way, has been cast out socially, and that idea should bring people together empathetically.

How have you been staying sane during this time of self-isolation? Do you have any advice for fellow creatives on being resilient while stuck inside?

Hobbies, video games and reading. Not in any specific order. I think if you are feeling bored or restless, try to do something that consumes your entire brain. It helps keep me from getting anxious.

Though times are uncertain now and concerts may not happen this year, do you have goals set for 2020? What can listeners expect when stay-at-home orders are relaxed?

Our goal is to not stop creating. We want to produce as much content as we can for our listeners. Right now, we are working on creating new music and content while working equally as hard to find different avenues to get it out to everyone.