[Photo by: My Chemical Romance/YouTube]

We know this won't be easy, but please try to remain calm while you read the next sentence: My Chemical Romance are posting new videos to their YouTube page.

This is happening only two days after they shared The Black Parade Is Dead! on the channel. We're definitely not okay.

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The new uploads are music videos outtakes taken from May Death Never Stop You, MCR's greatest hits compilation released in 2014. 

We have so many questions, the most important being: What's going on?

No other social media platform of the band has been updated and the members have yet to comment on the situation. As expected, fans are freaking:

While we patiently wait for answers, we'll watch every single one of today's uploads (and perhaps some of the old ones too), including this 24-minute long outtake version of the "Welcome To The Black Parade" music video:

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