[Photos via Never Shout Never, Tom/Myspace, Jeffree Star/YouTube]

10 reasons why Myspace was better than Facebook

The older we get, the more we yearn for the return of MyspaceMyspace is where it all got started. Before checking Twitter and TikTok on our iPhones was a part of our daily routine, we had to settle down on the family computer and get to chatting with our friends, customizing our profiles and choosing our Top 8. 

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Now that social media is everywhere, we thought it’d be fun to take a walk down memory lane and remember why Myspace truly is the king of social media. Here are 10 reasons why Myspace is way better than Facebook

1. It made everyone low-key computer coders

We basically could make anything happen on our profiles, and it made us better at computer skills, too. We were coding our playlists using HTML and figuring out the best way to display our tiled photo backgrounds to make our friends jealous. A whole generation of coders probably started on Myspace, and that’s something worth recognizing. 

2. You could show your personality on your page

Everyone’s Facebook profiles essentially look the same. But Myspace was our place to get creative. We added GIFS and photos that made our profile an extension of our souls, and Facebook just can’t compete. 

3. Everything was a popularity contest but in a cool way

The Top 8 was our everything. We stressed over when we had to kick someone out and celebrated when our crush included us in theirs. It was the epitome of a popularity contest but in a generally harmless way that made it that much more fun. 

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4. It was an easy way to find friends with similar interests

Remember when you would have a two-hour conversation with a stranger just because you both had Asking Alexandria songs featured on your profile? Those were the days. You couldn’t just find groups of friends on Facebook for interests as small as being obsessed with Gerard Way in quite the same way as this. 

5. It was the best way to find new, unique music

A whole generation of celebrities was created on Myspace. From Jeffree Star to Never Shout Never, some of our favorites got their start and were pushed to stardom thanks to the site. When was the last time someone made it big in music on Facebook? 

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6. There were way less ads filling our feeds

We all know that Facebook gathers our information to sell to big companies, which is why we get so many ads about things we were just talking about with a friend in real life. Myspace never violated us like that. It was meant for us to enjoy, not meant to try to sell us things. 

7. All of those cheesy glitter graphics

GIFS rarely even post correctly to Facebook, so there’s no way the social media site could handle the magic of glitter GIFS that we used with reckless abandon on Myspace. It was like a whole other language we all knew that died with Myspace, unfortunately. 

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8. You could flex your music taste to anyone who visited your profile

This was the easiest way to force your music on your friends because you could make them have to hear “The Curse Of Curves” by Cute Is What We Aim For every single time they clicked on your profile. You could spend hours curating your profile playlist and change it up whenever, and that’s just a feature Facebook couldn’t get hip to. 

9. You were always guaranteed one friend—Tom 

There was just something comforting about knowing that if all of your friends kicked you out of their Top 8 list, you always had Tom to rely on as a friend. Honestly, he was a king way before his time. 

10. Selfie-taking was basically equivalent to an Olympic sport

Taking selfies for Myspace wasn’t an afterthought—it was a full-blown event. The best days were when your friend would come over for a sleepover and you’d spend hours doing your hair and makeup just to take a million selfies that you were going to overly edit anyway. Imagine how worried your Facebook friends would be if you posted as many selfies as often as you did on Myspace. It just wouldn’t be the same.