Myspace was a sanctuary for emo, scene, goth and everything in between. It was most likely the birthplace of “rawr XD” and probably the first place you could throw shade on the internet. It was truly an iconic website in its own right, but it’s what everyone was able to do on the site that made it special.

The social media site may have lost all of your music, but don’t worry: The internet remembers everything. Here are 10 things you forgot you used to do on Myspace.

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1. Bulletin boards


Remember when you posted super-long bulletins?. Also, we owe a huge thank you to the genius who saw a smiley face in this when they put colon and a bracket next to each other. They made it so much easier to convey emotion through text. :]

2. Follow for follow and Myspace whore trains

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The easiest way to build your friends list up was with the simple follow for follow. However, there was a more dedicated way, which was to join a whore train. Here, users were compiled into levels based on friend count, which was then shared around via the bulletin with the hopes of gaining more friends. This follow trend made it onto other social media platforms before it eventually died down. As more people started trying to build a “brand,” the less people would actually follow back, or they’d follow for a follow, then immediately unfollow once they had it.

3. pc4pc

Only the real ones remember pc4pc or picture comment for picture comment. How else were your photos supposed to be seen by everyone?

4. Glitter graphics

There were glitter graphics for everything: birthdays, holidays, even for just waking up in the morning. If it was a word, someone put glitter on it and made it sparkle.

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5. Top 8

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Your Top 8 was the OG way to throw shade. If you wanted to make sure someone knew they pissed you off, all you had to do was replace them on the list. If you were anything like us, though, you probably kept your Top 8 to bands and celebrities so you didn’t have to deal with those awkward confrontations.

6. Profile pictures

Come on, you know what we’re talking about. If your profile wasn’t taken extremely close up, super overexposed or way above your head, was it really a Myspace photo?

7. Your Myspace name

One thing about Myspace usernames: They were unique to say the least. Need we say more?

8. You learned how to code

One advantage to having an account was the opportunity to learn basic HTML coding. By the time you finished designing your page, you were well on your way to obtaining a degree in computer science.  

9. Choosing a profile song
myspace player panic at the disco

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Was choosing a profile song back then as difficult as it would be now? You could tell who was cool by what they had playing (our person favorites were Jeffree Star, the Medic Droid and Metro Station.) Fun fact: You can now add a profile song to your Facebook account, but unfortunately it doesn’t play in the background when someone visits your profile.

10. Who I’d Like To Meet

What’s cool is that if you ever did meet these people, you can look back and thank your 13-year-old self for putting that hope out into the universe.

Did we miss anything from our old Myspace days? Let us know in the comments below!

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