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Nails are facing controversy over the decision to have Human Garbage open for them at a show in Dallas, TX on June 24.

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It began on Twitter when one fan asked Nails to explain themselves for playing with Human Garbage, referring to them as an "ass backwards band."

This prompted the following response from Nails.

Complaints from fans called Human Garbage misogynistic, citing one particular song called "Guilty Of Being A Man." The song's chorus features the lyrics: "You can't change the world by hating men, you can't change the world by hating me."

Nails defended Human Garbage by saying they are not against feminism.

Nails also explained that they always pick bands that will perform with them and won't change their minds if fans are against the decision.

Attila frontman Fronz joined the conversation.

A fan shared screen shots of Human Garbage explaining the lyrics of "Guilty Of Being A Man" on Twitter.

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