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RJ Shaughnessy

Name Taken give vinyl reissue to Hold On and share new video

Alternative Press teamed up with Name Taken for two exclusive pressings of Hold On, each limited to 250 copies. Head to the AP Shop to grab yours.

Name Taken are giving their 2004 emo/pop-punk classic Hold On a vinyl reissue for the second time ever. It’s coming out via Fiddler Records & Archives, the archival version of the label that originally released the album, Fiddler Records. Produced by Saosin‘s Beau Burchell, Hold On was Name Taken’s first full-length following their 2003 split EP with Bayside, and it helped solidify them as a key band of the mid-2000s emo boom.

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Along with the reissue, there’s also a new video for the song “Hold On For Your Dearest Life,” which uses photographs that Fiddler Records founder Amy Fleisher Madden discovered while putting together her new emo photobook Negatives: A Photographic Archive of Emo. According to a press release, “The video, directed by Erik Rojas, uses all of the imagery shot by photographer RJ Shaughnessy from the album’s impactful artwork, and it is intercut with portraits of the band that have never been used publicly before.” Check it out below.

Fiddler Records originally existed from 1996 to 2006 and helped launch the careers of Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, and more. It exists in its current archival form to help keep some of those classic releases in print.

For more on Amy Fleisher Madden, read our interview with her from last year, surrounding the release of Negatives.