This summer, NASA and the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the moment when humans looked up to the stars and said, “Hold my beer.”

The next mission to the moon is being prepared with a 2024 expected launch date. A lot has changed in between Apollo 11 and the 2024 launch, but few things are as notable as the invention of streaming some sweet music. (The end of the Cold War was great, too.)

NASA has put out the word to the public to throw their choice jams into a playlist to soundtrack the 2024 launch. To help with some of the heavy lifting, AltPress thought we’d put together 10 tracks that should be added to #NASAMoonTunes.

1. Angels & Airwaves – “The Adventure”

“The Adventure” is the perfect middle ground of atmosphere-breaching music with lyrics that would embolden any space traveler. The name alone makes this a perfect pick for the opening track on the NASA playlist. “Here we go, life’s waiting to begin” is the moment where all the astronauts will look at each other with a silent confidence knowing that Tom DeLonge has blessed the voyage.

2. New Found Glory – “Oxygen”

Thematically speaking, this song might be a little removed from space exploration, and this track may stir some forgotten feelings of lost teenage love, but in the name of remembering to breathe, it could be worth it. Don’t forget the oxygen, NASA, and putting this track in the playlist will ensure they don’t.

3. Tonight Alive – “World Away”

Sure, the name is on point, but this Tonight Alive epic is more fitting to the playlist than just that. We can expect that the astronauts will be pretty nervous, hurling at crazy speeds into the crushing abyss of space, and they’re going to need some of that sweet PMA. This might be one of the toughest, riskiest things you’ve ever done, but as Jenna puts it, “This is my catalyst for growth.” Don’t look back.

4. Theme song from The Avengers

This song has soundtracked most of the epic adventures that mankind has witnessed throughout the last decade. The battles of New York and Sokovia, the snapping and the un-snapping. Therefore, it’s required listening for any epic adventures going forward. We imagine this track would kick in right as gravity begins the fade and the great expanse of space greets our moon Avengers.

5. David Bowie – “Space Oddity”

Upon announcing the playlist, there was a lot of demand for David Bowie’s cosmic epic “Space Oddity” to be added. However, a song about an astronaut losing connection with ground control and drifting off into space isn’t exactly uplifting. We’ll add it because it’s a timeless classic, and perhaps these astronauts can appreciate its cautionary measures.

6. blink-182 – “Aliens Exist”

In another life, we could dismiss this track as just a laugh. But knowing what we know about space due to Tom DeLonge, aliens exist, and indeed all blink-182 music should definitely be considered as factual and detrimental to the existence of mankind. Many of us have been saying this since Dude Ranch, honestly.

7. Go Radio – “Goodnight Moon”

“Goodnight Moon” is arguably the strongest track from Go Radio’s second EP, and it’s easy to understand why. Imagine listening to this jam while gazing at the moon out the shuttle window, that sounds like one of the most beautiful scenarios of all time.

8. Elton John – “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time)”

Astronauts are people too, so it’s important to add something in the playlist that will make them feel. Disconnect from ground control for a moment to just float and think. “Rocket Man” is the only space-themed piano ballad that can get there.

9. Waterparks – “Take Her To The Moon”

At the rate Waterparks are rising, there’s a chance they’ll be gearing up to play a show on the moon by the time the space shuttle arrives. In the event that happens, it would be good for the astronauts to be versed in some Waterparks. Three days is plenty of time to get “Take Her To The Moon” on lock, and even if our prediction is wrong, they’ll kill a lot of the long trip getting the routine down.

10. Queen – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

The final track on this playlist is designed purely to be a moment for the NASA team and the astronauts. Turn off the live stream, cut the cameras and goddamn dance. You can picture it—flicking buttons and turning knobs to the rhythm and a floating air-guitar solo. It might actually be a huge hazard, but who are we to stop you from having a good time?

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