Okay, before the argument starts: We all know you can’t actually hear sound in space. But! Sound does “exist” in the form of electromagnetic vibrations. You couldn’t hear these sounds if you were, say, near them aboard a spacecraft. But special instruments on vessels like the Voyager space probe are able to translate the vibrations into actual sound, for us to hear right now. This is the best music you’ll hear all day.

According to the Guardian,  “The reason NASA knew that Voyager had entered a new interstellar realm is that they heard it: or rather, they saw the vibrations of interstellar plasma detected by Voyager's antennae, and amplified and played them through a speaker.” The Guardian continues, “When the waves are transliterated into sound, what you hear are those pulses of coruscating, ever-rising whistling.”

Consequence Of Sound recently dug up the chilling YouTube video below, where you can hear a compiled version of the sounds of our solar system—from Jupiter to the rings of Uranus. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts. 

Photo via YouTube