It’s been two years since Neck Deep released their third album The Peace And The Panic. The album dropped Aug. 18 via Hopeless Records and landed the band their first top 10 album by securing the No. 4 spot on the Billboard 200. Just before the album’s release, Neck Deep debuted the track “In Bloom” along with an aesthetically pleasing video.

The song kicked off the creative process for the album by being the very first track written for The Peace And The Panic. If you’re like us, you’ve managed to keep the song on a constant shuffle in your music library, so can you remember all the lyrics two years later?

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More on Neck Deep and The Peace and the Panic

In 2017, Neck Deep kicked off The Peace And The Panic era with two new tracks and accompanying music videos, “Happy Judgement Day” and “Where Do We Go When We Go.” The band later released “Motion Sickness” and “In Bloom” ahead of the album drop.

In issue 351, we caught up with frontman Ben Barlow to talk more about the story behind the new record and how it differs from their 2015 release Life's Not Out To Get You.

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“When we were writing Life’s Not Out To Get You, we were going through a period of uninterrupted happiness. We were super-content, but as that album came out, life changed for us,” Barlow says. “Over the two years we’ve toured that record, so much has happened that I’ve re-evaluated what life is about and questioned whether just having a positive outlook is enough.”

The day prior to the album’s release, Neck Deep held a worldwide pizza party appropriately titled, “#ThePizzaAndThePanic.”

All fans had to do was gather their friends, grab a copy of the record and post a photo or video of themselves and their “mates” jamming the record to social media using the hashtag #ThePizzaAndThePanic. The most creative posts got a free pizza delivered to their door!