Every music lover has that one good song or album that's ruined by a shitty time or person. Neck Deep drummer Dani Washington sums it up best when he said "Music's sick. It's sick and shit at the same time but overall, it's probably the best thing ever."
The Neck Deep boys have their fair share of ruined music–from songs tied to the loss of a loved one to music reminiscent of old jobs that played the same 2011 pop hit on a five hour loop, these pop punk emissaries have been through the ringer.
Find out which member of Neck Deep's parents have overplayed The Peace and The Panic for him and other tales of music rendered unlistenable in this APTV exclusive.
Recently, Neck Deep released a cover of '90s song "Torn" for a charity compilation record. The compilation record by Hopeless Records is titled Songs That Saved My Life. 
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The record features covers by the Maine, Taking Back Sunday and more, all to highlight mental illness. Profits will go to mental health organizations like Crisis Text Line, Hope For The Day, The Trevor Project, and To Write Love On Her Arms.
“This song is a classic for a lot people," frontman Ben Barlow says. "It’s actually one of my girlfriend’s favorite songs ever, so we’ve listened to it a lot.”
“It clicked that we could cover it one day when we were on tour, eating somewhere and it came on the radio," Barlow says. "We started singing along and quickly realized this would make an awesome cover, once we’d ‘ND’d’ it.”