Former Neck Deep bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans has announced his brand-new solo project called Prblm Chld.

Additionally, Thorpe-Evans released a debut single from the project titled “Voices.” The song features elements of experimental pop, which is contrasting to his work with Neck Deep. 

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However, despite Prblm Chld's different direction, the change is more than welcomed.

“Prblm Chld to me is simply my opportunity to release music that I enjoy without regard to consequence—Music that doesn't need approval from anybody else,” Thorpe-Evans says of his new project. “It's my chance to be as experimental as I can while creating what I want, when I want. I've been waiting for this for a very long time and can't wait to share more music soon.”

Following that, Thorpe-Evans says that Prblm Chld was created to explore other avenues outside of the pop-punk world.

“Two years ago, I didn't even really know this music existed,” Thorpe-Evans says. “My whole life was consumed by the alternative scene/pop world, but then I discovered one song by one artist by accident and it completely opened my mind to a new style of music; Very quickly it wasn't enough to just listen to this music, I needed to learn how to create it.”

You can listen to “Voices” on Spotify below.

Last September, Thorpe-Evans announced his departure from Neck Deep, citing different goals. Additionally, Thorpe-Evans says that there was no ill-will or negativity involved when making his decision to exit the band.

In his statement, the ex-bassist mentioned that he was working on “new music projects in a various pool of genres.” That said, it looks like Prblm Chld is one of the many things Thorpe-Evans is dipping into, and we can't wait to hear more. 

What do you think of Prblm Chld? Let us know in the comments below.

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