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QUIZ: Which neon-pop punk band are you?

2020 has really made many of us miss the good old days where we could blast “Party In Your Bedroom” by Cash Cash on our iPod Nano while taking a new cringey Myspace or Facebook profile picture with neon shutter shades and silicone bracelets. The late 2000s and early 2010s were the height of breezy pop vocals mixed with heavier rock instrumentals and buzzy keys to craft neon pop-punk classics.

Bands such as Hey Monday, Forever The Sickest Kids, 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship—essentially most of Fueled By Ramen’s alumni—will always hold a special place in alternative music fans’ hearts. Dig out your brightly-colored skinny jeans and pop off with this quiz to see which neon pop-punk band you’re most like.

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More on Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday

This year marks 12 years since Hey Monday released their debut album, Hold On Tight. Cassadee Pope recently looked back on one iconic music video moment in celebration of the album’s anniversary.

It has been nine years since Hey Monday released new music, with 2011’s The Christmas EP. Nevertheless, they’re still one scene band we hold close to our hearts. The band kicked things off with their debut full-length in 2008, which features nostalgic jams such as “Homecoming,” “How You Love Me Now” and “Candles.”

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Now, Pope is reflecting back on one iconic music video moment for the Hold On Tight 12th anniversary. The Voice winner turned country-pop star shared the ultimate throwback moment on Instagram.

She posted a GIF of her major headbang moment during Hey Monday’s “Homecoming” music video. The throwback not only reminds us of this Hey Monday era but also makes us reminisce about wanting chunky highlights and asymmetrical bobs in the late 2000s.

“I can’t believe it’s been 12 years to the day since Hey Monday released our first album ‘Hold On Tight,’” Pope says in the post. “My life has never been the same. Thank you to the ones who have stuck with me all these years. I think this was my first official headbang in our first official music video so feast your eyes.”

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Pope has openly talked about her time in Hey Monday over the years. Back in March, she exclusively told Alternative Press about the most “punk” thing she ever did was while she was in the band.

She also briefly talked about Hey Monday’s reunion back in 2019 with A Rocket To The Moon. Despite her busy schedule with her solo career, Pope said she’s open to doing more Hey Monday reunions in the future.