Netflix is becoming cheaper for users who watch content on mobile devices.

The streaming service is testing out a plan that only lets users access movies and shows on their phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Malaysian newspaper The Star is reporting that Netflix now has a mobile-only plan, and it's way cheaper than the standard options.

According to reports from the Quartz, most people use the streaming service in multiple devices. However, around 60 percent of users stream content on Netflix's mobile app at least once a month. So, the plan makes a lot of sense.

Plus, The Star also notes that Netflix has been working on lowering its price levels in Asia to attract new subscribers.

With the new mobile-only plan, subscribers have unlimited access to movies and shows, but can only watch them on one handheld device. Additionally, the content is only available in standard definition.

Currently, the plan is only available in Asia and it costs RM17 a month (around US$4). For comparison, the standard plan, which allows HD content and two simultaneous screens, cost RM42 (around US$10) in Malaysia.

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Netflix addiction is now a thing

After treating a patient for India’s National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences have recently treated the first case of reported the first case of “Netflix addiction."

According to CMBC, the average Netflix user will stream 50 minutes of content per day. However, the unidentified man that checked into the institution claimed to be watching at least seven hours of content.

Psychologist Manoj Kumar Sharma claims that the man was using the streaming service to cope with problems. The patient’s addictions resulted in eye pain, bad sleeping patterns and fatigue.

Sharma also concurs that Netflix and other streaming services could be the “adult version” of video game addiction that is commonly seen in youngers kids. While the World Health Organization classifies “video game addiction” as a mental health disorder, Netflix addiction is not, yet.