Netflix acquired the script for a new show surrounding Spotify and how it's changed the way we listen to music.

Based on the book Spotify Untold by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud, the series will tell the tale of Daniel Ek and his partner Martin Lorentzon as they attempt to create a platform that will let users listen to music freely and legally.

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"Netflix today announced the untitled scripted series about the Swedish start-up that shook the entire music industry and evolved into becoming one of the world’s leading music services - Spotify," Netflix says in a press release.

Others on the streaming giant's team have also expressed their joy in the upcoming series.

"The founding tale of Spotify is a great example of how a local story can have a global impact," says Tesha Crawford, Director of International Originals Northern Europe at Netflix. "We are really excited about bringing this success story to life."

Per-Olav Sørensen is directing the series while Yellow Bird UK will be producing and developing it.

"I am excited to bring the story of Sweden based Spotify to life on the screen. It is an ongoing fairytale in modern history about how Swedish wiz kids changed the music industry forever," says Sørensen. "The story is truly exciting and challenging. Challenging because the Spotify story has not ended yet - it is still running with high speed and will probably change while we work on the project."

More on Netflix

You returns to Netflix on Dec. 26 for the series’ second installment. Following a first look at the cast in November, the debut teaser trailer for the sophomore season has us questioning everything we know about You and Penn Badgley’s character.

The season 2 trailer begins with Goldberg walking into a coffee shop. He internally says to himself, “Love has taken me to some pretty dark places, but Los Angeles has got to be as dark as it gets.”

How is Badgley going to reinvent his character in LA after Beck’s death? Has he relocated to LA permanently? If the series follows along with Kepnes’ Hidden Bodies, the second novel to the series, then we may already have some answers, but we’re sure there will still be plenty of surprises in store.

You can watch the full Netflix teaser trailer here.
More on Spotify

Spotify is revealed its “Best of Playlists”. After the launch of thier highly anticipated “Wrapped” campaign.

The “Best of Playlists” feature consists of curated genre-specific playlists compiling the best songs of 2019 and the decade.

Each genre received a playlist of top songs for the year, as well as the decade. DrakeLil Uzi Vert and Cardi B are featured in the RapCaviar playlist. Artists such as Mitski, Camila Caballo and Bring Me the Horizon are also all represented in their respective genres.

Spotify hopes to launch a conversation about the different areas of music. They wish to get people talking and offering their opinions about their likes and dislikes.

“Spotify is thrilled to shine a spotlight on the launch our Best of Playlists this year,” said Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s Head of Music Strategy. “These playlists are 100% human curated by our expert teams – whether one agrees or disagrees with the choices, we hope they will generate a bigger cultural conversation about music.”

All of the “Best of Playlists” are featured in the “Wrapped” hub.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Netflix series about Spotify? Let us know in the comments below!

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