Streaming services are seeing a massive spike in usage as people are staying at home during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and now we’re seeing the most streamed shows and movies on Netflix right now.

Action-comedy film Spenser Confidential topped the list while The Office lands at the number two spot.

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According to Nielsen, streaming surged by 85 percent in March.

Just five days after the announcement of COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic, viewers watched nearly 156.1 billion minutes. That marks a massive uptick from 116.4 billion minutes during the week of March 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the total for March 16 to 22 is over double the numbers from 2019.

“Streaming is a big part of a lot of consumers’ lives right now. We have seen a tremendous growth in just how much streaming is going on over the last few weeks as COVID-19 becomes more prevalent across many parts of the country,” said Scott N. Brown, head of TV product at Nielsen. “The amount of time viewers are spending streaming more than doubled in the past year alone, and it’s nearly a quarter of the total time spent on TV among homes that have the ability to stream.”

According to Deadline, Netflix saw the biggest increase out of any of the streaming services.

The top 10 shows being streamed can be seen below.

1. “Spenser Confidential” (Netflix) – 1.25 billion
2. “The Office” (Netflix) – 1.23 billion
3. “On My Block” (Netflix) – 1.14 billion
4. “Love Is Blind” (Netflix) – 872 million
5. “Criminal Minds” (Netflix) – 695 million
6. “Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix) – 653 million
7. “Hunters” (Prime Video) – 612 million
8. “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” (Netflix) – 572 million
9. “NCIS” (Netflix) – 570 million
10. “Altered Carbon” (Netflix) – 425 million

Last week, Netflix faced temporary outages across the U.S. and parts of Europe.

DownDetector, a website that tracks outages for sites like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook and more, shows error reports across multiple locations around the U.S. and Northern Europe.

Locations in the Northeast, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and Texas all reported issues as well as areas of Europe.

Their data shows a massive spike from 12:30 through 12:45 ET while it trends down to a more normal level around 1:30.

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“Some of our members in the U.S. and Europe were unable to use Netflix via our website for around an hour this morning,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement to Variety. “The issue is now fixed and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

While Netflix didn’t specify the problem causing the outage, it’s most likely due to an increase in people streaming while staying home.

Numerous streaming services have been announcing they are lowering the default streaming rates users see. The move is aiming to decrease bandwidth usage to prevent outages like this.

Everyone from Netflix, YouTubeFacebookDisney and others have gotten on board with the idea in several areas across the world.

If you’re looking to see what’s coming to and leaving Netflix in April, head over here for a complete list.

What are you streaming on Netflix while you’re staying at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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