Proven to be the most dense in metal bands population-wise, Finland just keeps it coming with releases in the genre that truly allow you to connect with your inner power and strength.

Purge the demons and stand strong with these 10 fresh records from Finland coming from both established bands and emerging talents.

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1. Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi

HQ: Tampere
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Buckle up for an intense trip across cosmic vastness. Mestarin Kynsi embraces Oranssi Pazuzu’s trademark blend of black metal, space rock, progressive metal, krautrock, distorted dark jazz improvisations and obscure alien snarls, shrieks, groans and screams. While each composition on the record is a complex yet immersive microcosm of its own, the six tracks are interconnected into a suspenseful horror thriller that will keep you on the edge of your spacecraft seat. However, there’s a reason why the final track is titled “Taivaan Portti,” which means “gateway to heaven.” Tune in and find out why.

2. Lost Society – No Absolution

HQ: Jyväskylä
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What happens when you combine uncompromised drive of ’80s thrash metal, catchy melodies and metalcore breakdowns? That’s basically what Lost Society’s latest release is all about. Saturated with groovy riffs, crazy solos, tight drumming, extreme energy and packed with action, No Absolution is a refreshing take on the old-school metal sound.

3. Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia

HQ: Myrskylä
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“Coldest days of winter/You were trained to endure/Withstand the fierce nature,” Wolfheart’s mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen growls over blasting drums and intense melodic riffs in “Horizon On Fire.” If there’s one word you should know in Finnish, it’s sisu. This sacred term has no direct translation but essentially means a person’s ability and determination to withstand hardships. And Wolfheart’s material can definitely be seen as an anthem for that. On Wolves Of Karelia, an uplifting blend of melodic death and black metal carries this empowering message as masterfully and relentlessly as ever. Enter dark Karelian forests with pouring snow and awaken your inner wolf.

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4. Balance Breach – “Most Of This”

HQ: Mikkeli
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For most of its history, Finland’s alternative scene has been famous for its melodic and accessible takes on various branches of metal. Coming from the new generation, Balance Breach have found a sweet spot between melodic death metal and metalcore. “Most Of This,” their first single from 2020, dazzles with beautiful melodies, bright atmospheres, djenty/progressive riffs and post-hardcore dynamics, whereas the track itself is about strength and power. Of you, of us and of the present moment.

5. Chronoform – “Obsession”

HQ: Kauhajoki
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“Obsession,” the most recent release from this rising act, welcomes you with gloomy electronic ambience and a glitched, trap-like beat. A few seconds in, it dives right into heavy, spacious and groovy deathcore-ish riffs and blasting drums. Chronoform surely know the formula for a seamless fusion of metal, hardcore, progressive and djent.

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6. Turmion Kätilöt – Global Warning

HQ: Kuopio
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Why so serious? Here, try some of this industrial, or should we say disco/pop, metal. It’s like a refreshing splash of bloody lemonade. As punchy as it is fun, this is your perfect chaos to dance to with an angry face on. So, where’s your neon dread wig and furry boots at? Global Warning is here to awaken your inner cyber goth from the 2000s.

7. Smackbound – The Game

HQ: Helsinki
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Traditionally, Finland has no shortage of female-fronted alternative bands. Smackbound, who only debuted last year, is a valuable addition to that bunch. On The Game, the talented singer and actress Netta Laurenne delivers a stunning vocal performance on this EP that rocks a driven, catchy combination of alternative metal and hard rock.

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8. Lordi – Killection: A Fictional Compilation Album

HQ: Tornio
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Nearly 20 years into their career, Lordi, the prop-heavy hard-rock/metal monsters dropped a fictional compilation. Compilation of what? Every cliché in hard-rock/old-school metal history ever. Killection is like your favorite classics from every hard-rock radio played in shuffle mode. It’s all here, from whiny love ballads to cringy tough-guy power anthems. Oh, and there’s a fictional radio show, too. That’s right—all of the above here is totally intentional. It’s exactly the combination of haunting tracks and Lordi’s meta, satirical take on their signature style that makes this album kind of... pretty cool.

9. Mokoma – Ihmissokkelo

HQ: Lappeenranta
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From the grand and touching title track to fast and furious compositions such as “Yöpuoli,” the thrash/alternative metal titans display all-around excellence on Ihmissokkelo. Combining the best of the two metal universes, Mokoma take you on a fast-moving trajectory forward and upward with insane riffs, compelling melodies, banging drums and bold signaling.

10. Children Of Bodom – Hexed

HQ: Espoo
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To the great dismay of their fans, Children Of Bodom announced the end of their over two-decade-long era in November 2019. Which makes the latest release from the Finnish melodic death-metal/power-metal absolute royalty their last. As the band’s former members have parted ways and moved on to other projects, the energetic, technical and polished Hexed will probably go down in the history of metal as one of the most majestic swan songs ever released.