Alternative Press writers and editors are sharing some of their favorite new music from bands that are currently on the rise.

From screamo and hardcore punk to indie rock and folk-inspired beats, AP&R compiled a list of tracks that are sure to become your new favorites as well. Check out our picks below!

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CHECK OUT: “if i could i would”

It’s usually a pretty good sign when a band who’ve been playing together since childhood put out a kickass debut single—and an even better one when each subsequent release follows suit. Hull, England’s sweethearts dropped their first track as a group in February and have continued putting out bangers ever since. Guitarist Toby Needler’s crunchy tone, drummer Josh Drury and bassist Brendan McCourt’s driving rhythms, plus vocalists Niall Tennison and Kitty VR’s Elliott Smith-inspired harmonies, make for the perfect “power slacker pop” when Pavement just won’t cut it. Joshua Carter


CHECK OUT: “don’t call me”

Jump in your car, roll the windows down and blast Jojomber while you’re driving through the Midwest countryside. That’s the most appropriate way to listen to the 18-old-year Ohioan who makes contagiously sad music in his bedroom. Jojomber combines honest, melancholy lyricism with sunny pop, rock and folk-inspired beats. Even the most heartbreaking memories appear to dazzle, making listeners want to dance along as Jojomber uses his ukulele and peachy disposition to paint everything in a rosy hue. Taylor Linzinmeir

The Keystones

CHECK OUT: “Time Will Tell”

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, emerges a resilient trio intent on making their mark and proving they aren’t just another indie band. Inspired by rock acts such as Catfish And The Bottlemen and cleopatrick, the Keystones create bright tunes tinged with the moody undertones of Midwest emo. Sharing vocal duties, bassist Matt Sherman, drummer Eddie Curran and guitarist Jake Lutzke merge grunge with danceable rhythms to craft striking alt-pop tracks. Alyssa Quiles

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CHECK OUT: “new low”

If this is the first you’re hearing of nightlife, we can guarantee it won’t be the last. The Baltimore-based trio burst onto the alternative scene this summer with their debut tracks “new low,” “all i know” and “lonely,” a rendition of Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More.” Their unique blend of pop-punk-centric, soulful vocals and calculated funk basslines will draw you in immediately. nightlife brilliantly oscillate between distinct heavy melodies and bright modern rock. We are craving more from the East Coasters and are excited to watch them grow and gain much-deserved popularity. Maria Serra


CHECK OUT: “Dreams”

Since forming in 2015, Woolbright have blossomed in the Florida DIY community. They’ve even collaborated with one of the internet’s most iconic ska musicians, Jeremy Hunter. The band have showcased their ability to span genres, especially with their most recent single “Dreams,” which favors a softer sound over their classic indie-rock stylings. While they’ve yet to announce an upcoming album, “Dreams,” “Tuesday” and “Thursday,” alongside their 2017 album Busybody Lazybones, offers fans insight into what the future holds for this talented band. For listeners of Pool Kids, Yasmin Nur and Bobby Kid, Woolbright are an excellent addition to any playlist. Marian Phillips

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Crucial Features

CHECK OUT: “Badmetis”

Punk revivals are lovely and all that (or maybe they’re the definition of the genre’s death, you decide), but nostalgia isn’t exactly what keeps punk not dead. So if you’re keeping an eye out for bands with a fresh, passionate and authentic take on the genre, you’ll fall in love with Crucial Features. Encompassing the spirit of riot grrrl, the energy of hardcore punk and the catchiness of pop punk, the all-female trio from Vilnius, Lithuania, are claiming their spot in the genre-bending momentum of DIY punk. Which is why their debut full-length, Venera Budo, definitely deserves a run or two. Giedre Matulaityte

A Few Too Many

CHECK OUT: “Someday”

U.K.-based A Few Too Many pack plenty of punch, anchored by elite vocals and intuitive songwriting. Their sound recalls early 2010s pop-punk/post-hardcore hybrids but with more risk-taking. Unafraid of experimentation, A Few Too Many often dive into anthemic finishes, such as in their standout track “Someday.” Raise a glass to it when you catch them at one of their shows. Ryan Piers

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Ov Sulfur

CHECK OUT: “Behind The Hand Of God”

The deathcore resurgence is bringing an onslaught of bands who are finding new depths to the genre’s brutality, and Ov Sulfur are lending their talents to push this movement. After roughly a decade away from music, former Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover is leading the group into the genre’s new era with a heavy-handed dose of mosh-ready beatdowns infused with melodic and symphonic passages. If you need an injection of extremity in your life, look no further than their debut single, “Behind The Hand Of God.” Joe Smith-Engelhardt

L’exquisite Douleur

CHECK OUT: “We Dance To All The Wrong Songs” 

The rise of MTV “screamo” found bands on two sides: those who added an edge to already sharp hooks and those who desperately tried to pop up their riffing. The latter were left at the bottom of the ocean when the wave crashed, whereas the former (My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, the Used) kept their heads above water by riding damn surfboards. Place L’exquisite Douleur firmly in that camp. A perfectly timed shotgun blast in “Corpse Party” is of their scene yet also serves as a warning: These Floridians will blow you away. Bradley Zorgdrager

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In The Mourning

CHECK OUT: “At What Cost”

In The Mourning’s Amanda Tran is a force to be reckoned with. Her enthralling vocals exude complete power as she dives into raw storytelling through her 2021 singles “At What Cost” and “June 11th.” On her At What Cost deluxe EP, she shares a high-energy remix of the title track with nightlife and a stripped-back cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” If you’re looking for some true-to-form emo, you’ve found your next favorite artist. —Maria Serra

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