Each month, Alternative Press writers and editors come together to share some of their favorite up-and-coming artists. From pop punk and raging death metal to nostalgic 1960s-inspired sounds and alternative pop, you are sure to find a new band to fall in love with in this month's hand-picked AP&R list.

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L.A. Exes

CHECK OUT: “West Keys”

L.A. Exes are part of the broad spectrum of artists who harken back to a hazily defined, heavily idealized golden age of American music that hovers somewhere between the early 1960s and the present. Two things set them apart from other rear-gaze rockers. For starters, the band construct their nostalgic sound without it feeling like a put-on, giving their songs a retro aura with minimal effort. Second, the quartet foreground their experiences as queer-identified individuals. In so doing, they refract warm California sun in the direction of subject matter that is often neglected in our post-historical moment. The result is music that is bound to resonate with anyone who finds themselves casting a sentimental eye at the songs of yesteryear. JP Ervin

Insignificant Other

CHECK OUT: “un mensaje”

Insignificant Other take pop punk to the next level with their unapologetically unique presence and their distinct sound that’s reminiscent of the genre’s golden age. Simona Morales’ raw vocals present deeply emotional lyrics about breakups, the reality of dating and finding a sense of self through it all. Their 2019 album, i’m so glad i feel this way about you, will coax listeners in, especially as they shift from unmistakably punk instrumentation to a much cleaner alternative tone. While they’ve yet to release a follow-up, they’ve been busy touring with Kississippi in 2021. Insignificant Other have an unforgettable and colorful liveliness that they bring to the world of pop punk. Fans of Nervous Dater, Hospital Bracelet and Meet Me @ The Altar will want to keep an eye on this five-piece. Marian Phillips

Eyes Of Perdition

CHECK OUT: “When Deeply Ingrained Traumas Spill Forth Like Maggots In Carrion”

Slamming death metal often eliminates the larger genre’s more intricate moments in favor of brunt force. Las Vegas’ Eyes Of Perdition actually add to that power with their “desert-baked” take on the sound. The source of the strength isn’t just Lindsay O’s voice but also the inspiration that makes her roar. The lyrics on “Incendiary Truths” find her forcing a reckoning with herself and coming out the other side better for it. As you will when you listen. Bradley Zorgdrager

Crimson Apple

CHECK OUT: “Dead To Me”

Growing up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the four Benson sisters each found a love for music through different instruments and means. One day, they realized they had all the right pieces to form a band—a guitarist, a drummer, a vocalist and a bassist. Almost a decade later, Crimson Apple are defying the limits of music and creating powerful, dark alt-pop tunes. While they have opened for bands such as All Time Low and Plain White T’s, Crimson Apple are ones to watch as they continue to bring a fresh perspective to the scene. Augusta Battoclette

Quiet Like A Thief

CHECK OUT: “Travel In Time”

Fresh faces on the Boston pop-punk scene, Quiet Like A Thief recently released their debut EP, Through The Looking-Glass. “Travel In Time” leads the way with a spacey ambiance and a catchy chorus, while the heavier “Weird, But True” feels right at home with contemporary pop punk. Hit The Lights vocalist Nick Thompson adds punchiness with an appearance on “Downward Spiral.” Watch as Quiet Like A Thief break out of the Boston scene. Ryan Piers



It’s clear that Rence occupies a lane all his own. After all, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter swerves between pop, hip-hop, electronic and more. Though his latest single “AWOOO!” sounds hopeful and buoyant on the exterior, it acts as a breakup song. However, it demonstrates the emotional complexity that Rence brings to many of his releases, whether he’s singing about grappling with fame (“Endless”) or leaving people behind in search of a new life (“Tears In December”). Fans of Frank Ocean, Arlo Parks and James Blake will find much to love. Neville Hardman

This list originally appeared in issue 398.